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An Easier Way To Get An Avon Brochure To Every Customer

An Easier Way To Get An Avon Brochure To Every CustomerSince our Avon Brochure is our store, it’s important that every customer receive a brochure every campaign. If you aren’t getting brochures out to your customers, you’re effectively putting yourself out of business.

I am also a firm believer that each of your Avon Online Store Customers should also receive brochures every campaign. It’s great that you have a store and that Avon will make your deliveries for you, but you need to get them to the store to place an order.

The Avon brochure is perfect for that! Your customer receives a brochure in the mail, they thumb through the pages and see that there are lots of wonderful products they just have to have, and then they go back to your website to place an order!

What I do to keep expenses down is when a customer places an order on my website, they get added to my brochure mailing list. They’ll receive 4-6 brochures and then will be dropped off the list. If they place another order, they’ll stay on my list for 4-6 more campaigns. If they are no longer receiving brochures, but place another order on my website, they go back onto my brochure list.

I used to use bulk mail to get a brochure to every customer. It worked great for me. At the time I was mailing about 400 brochures every campaign. Bulk mail was an easy way to make sure everyone received their brochure.


The only problem with that is you have to purchase a permit for somewhere around $225, and then it would cost $225 every year. There were also minimum requirements in order to do a mailing. I don’t remember for sure, but I think it was like 150 pieces of the same piece of mail. If you met the qualifications, you could mail very inexpensively.

That wasn’t a problem since I was already sending 400 brochures every campaign, so it saved me a lot of money.

I have since moved from California to Utah and I don’t have the same customers any longer. I am working to build my Avon business in Utah. I don’t have the minimums to setup a bulk mail system at this time.

So I started looking around to find what was available. I found Campaign Mailer. What a fantastic service!

Campaign Mailer started when a group of Avon Representatives decided to get together and combine their lists to qualify for bulk mail rates. When they saw the need, they created Campaign Mailer!

Campaign Mailer makes my brochure deliveries so easy and painless.


I just tell them who I want to mail the brochures to and what I want to say on the label, and they take over for me.

Here is my label:

Lynn Huber Campaign Mailer LabelCampaign Mailer buys the brochures, they label the brochures for me, insert them in a nice plastic sleeve, and mail them to my customers for me.

It’s free to join and there are no minimums. Pricing is based on quantity ordered, but you can order as many or as little as you want.

This is working so great for me! I’ll probably never go back to mailing my own brochures.


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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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  • Ann Heitman September 8, 2017, 4:40 am

    Thanks for some great tips! I appreciate your support, Lynn and Richard.

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