Easter is a Time for New Beginnings

Easter is a Time for New Beginnings

Easter is a Time for New Beginnings

Yesterday was Easter Sunday.  I hope you had a wonderful day.

Easter is one of the holiest events on the Christian calendar, and it can also be a time for all of us to give thought to new beginnings.

Here in the US, Spring is in the air and with Spring comes birth and life.

At this time, we can reflect on our life and what we would like to change.

Life is always evolving and so too our life and our experiences are ever changing.

Easter and the beginning of Spring is a good time to start anew.

We don’t have to settle for things that we don’t like.    Nothing is constant.  Nothing stays the same.

“We can make positive changes in our life and even start over again.”

4 things about Easter & Springtime to Encourage New Beginnings


In the Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a symbol of new beginnings.  A victory over death.

Easter Eggs

Many ancient cultures viewed the egg as a symbol of life.

Animals hatch from the egg during springtime and new life abounds.

Easter Bunny

Because of their fertility, rabbits have been associated with Spring and new life.

The first Easter Bunny was introduced by the Germans as a symbol of the season.

This folklore arrived in the US with German immigrants in the 18th century.

Spring Flowers

Nothing says Spring like Spring flowers.

Daffodils are my favorites to herald in the Spring after a long winter.

Do you need to make some positive changes to your life and/or your Avon business?

Why not think about new beginnings for yourself and your business?

Let’s Look at 10 Vital Steps Towards Personal Growth.

Self-improvement is one of the most important traits a person can possess.

If you don’t have that urge, then you will never be able to get far and progress in your life.

We are all human so therefore we are not perfect, but there is always room for improvement, and we should always try to be the best version of ourselves.

Top Tips for Working Towards Personal Growth and Self-Development.

1 – Know yourself

Who are you? Who do you aspire to be?

Always remember to be yourself, and to focus on yourself and what YOU want.

In a world that expects us to conform and fit in it is sometimes hard to just be ourselves, but it is better to avoid conforming to other people’s standards, expectations and ideals because often they are not realistic and aspiring to these can make us miserable.

It is better not to care what people think of us because we will be judged regardless, so remember, be the best version of yourself, not someone else’s copy.

So be you!  And Embrace yourself!

2 – Get out of your comfort zone

Resting on your laurels means that you will not grow.

Get out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there, take risks and aim to do something different, such as learning a new skill or hobby.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone new about your business.  Take the chance.  Talk to them.

3 – Develop a thick skin

You cannot please all of the people all of the time.

And like I mentioned before, certain people will always find any excuse to put you down, belittle you and judge you.

Unfortunately, that’s life. The best thing to do is to develop a thick skin.

Don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back from growing your business.

And don’t be afraid for someone to say No.

Treat other people’s bitter and jealous comments like water off a duck’s back.

4 – Learn to assert yourself

In life we often go through tough situations.

One of the most important skills you will ever need to learn is how to assert yourself.

That means standing up for yourself, making your feelings known instead of bottling them up, and then putting your needs as first priority as well as other people’s.

It also means not being afraid to prospect for new people to show your business to.

You have a great product at a great price.

All you are doing is offering them the opportunity to look at a brochure or take a look at your business.

Once you make the offer, it’s up to them whether they want to do business with you.

5 – Adopt good habits

Struggling with time keeping? Learn to complete tasks earlier.

Having a hard time staying organized? Use your calendar and write down to-do lists and deadlines.

Unable to keep yourself motivated? Remember to focus on your goals and remember why you started.

Are you working on the 4 things that we need to do to be successful in our Avon business?

    • Prospect for new customers
    • Make sure that every customer gets a brochure (either physical or digital) every campaign.
    • Make sure to follow-up EVERY campaign with every customer before you place your Avon order.
    • Take the order either personally or on your online store, and deliver the order if necessary
    • Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Adopting good habits means that you will not fall behind – your personal development will continue to grow, your business will continue to grow, and you will go even further.

6 – Create a plan and a list of goals

Where do you see yourself 1/2/3/5/8/10 years from now?

If you know your ambitions, write them down so that you have a clear view of the goals you would like to achieve.

7 – Be kind and generous

Always be kind and generous, for everyone is fighting a battle and the world operates better on kindness and generosity.

Set out to help others but if you can’t help them then at least don’t hurt them.

There is nothing to be gained from being bitter, nasty, horrible and spiteful to others.

If you feel the need to be vicious towards others, then that says a lot more about you that it does about others.

Genuine acts of kindness will take you far – in both your personal life and your business life.

8 – Remember the simple and the most important things in life

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life, but it’s imperative to remember the important aspects of life.

It’s all about the little things, like going out on a walk in the park for fresh air, spending time with a best friend, picking up the phone to call a sibling, smelling the flowers or smiling and saying high to your neighbor when you walk past them in the street.

9 – Learn new skills

Learning doesn’t end when you finish school. Learning is a lifelong journey.

Take up a new hobby, whether it’s crafting, designing, coding, painting, learning to play a musical instrument or taking up a new sport.

Complete some of the courses in Avon U

Learn more ways to promote your business.

Adding more skills is quite impressive and it shows that you are a well-rounded person.

10 – Be happy!

It sounds like the simplest advice one could ever give, but it’s so true.

Be happy!

Life is far too short to live in misery. See the positives and don’t dwell on the negatives.

These tips will help you work on your personal growth.

Things are crazy right now for sure, but…

Easter is a time for new beginnings and renewed hope.

It is a time to rejoice and be thankful for the gift of life, love and joy!

I hope you had a blessed Easter, and I’m looking forward to where you new beginnings will take you.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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