Easy Ways to Find Cool Content To Post on Social Media

Easy Ways to Find Cool Content To Post on Social Media

Easy Ways to Find Cool Content To Post on Social Media

Some reps schedule their entire social media calendar months in advance, or even a week in advance. Others wing it day-to-day.

The important thing that all social pros have in common is they are pumping out lots of consistent content!

Do you struggle to find things to share on Social Media to help promote your Avon business?

So how do you find all that content?

Well, first of all, look around you. There’s inspiration everywhere!

You know what catches your attention when you’re online, so start there. If it captures your attention, it will probably interest your followers as well.

So here are some great places to find content:


Pinterest is a goldmine in terms of finding beautiful images you can share.

You’ll find blog posts, recipes, life hacks, quotes, tutorials… just about anything you can imagine.

Pinterest is also a massive search engine. You can search for just about anything to come up with some inspiration.

For instance, a search for “beauty tutorials” or “beauty hacks” will generate all kinds of blog posts and infographics that you can share with your audience.

Infographics are super helpful visuals to share that people love!


This is another place to find and connect with other Avon Representatives or beauty bloggers.

Hashtags are used to categorize content, and people follow those hashtags. Find hashtags that correspond with your Avon business and search for them.

Again, you’ll see all kinds of content come up. Then you can follow those hashtags if you want, and when you do, others who also follow that hashtag will see your posts too.


Facebook is also a goldmine for finding ideas for posts.  Did you know that you can search Facebook too?  Just type your search term(s) in the Search bar at the top.

Anytime you see a great quote, or recipe, or whatever catches your attention, save it to a file on your computer.

Watch what other people are posting too. That cool video that you saw might also be interesting to your fans, and might be a great item to share.


We all know what YouTube is, but did you know 300 hours of video get uploaded to the site every minute?

With all of that content readily available, you’re bound to find a video relevant to your audience that you can share.

Be sure to check out Avon’s YouTube Channel for product and recruiting videos.

Create Your Own Content


A picture is worth a thousand words!

Images easily capture people’s attention and are a great way to connect your message to your audience.

I love creating my own. Sometimes I might find a quote I really love, and so I find an image to go with it and create my own quote.

Here are some great places to find images for your content:

Use Canva to help you create your own images.

Canva is a web-based design tool that allows you to easily create images you can share across your social networks.

What I LOVE is that it even has an entire section of social media templates that let you create posts perfectly sized for each social network.

Plus, its “Design School” blog has tips and tricks for creating great images.

Use a tool to help you manage your Social Media content.

We’re all so busy these days. Using a tool to schedule out your Social Media posts can save you a lot of time.

A tool I use is called CinchShare. CinchShare does so many things to make my life easier and save me time.

I used to use 3 different social sharing programs to accomplish everything I needed. Now I’ve replaced them ALL with CinchShare because it literally does everything I need! And it’s only $100/year or $10/month. What a deal!

CinchShare offers a great “Save” feature that allows me add posts that I find online to a “saved folder” and use them later.

You can literally save anything: posts from Facebook, pins from Pinterest, hashtags, ideas, party posts, images that you want to recreate yourself later… pretty much anything you need.

And, I have a special deal for you… when you signup using my link, use code: CSFree to receive an additional 30 days added to your 14-day trial, for a total of 44 days free!

Note:  If you have an upline in Avon, please check with them to ask if they have a CinchShare link before using mine.  They can offer you the same deal.

When sharing posts, be sure to either edit it to make it your own, or give the original person credit for the post.

And don’t be afraid to direct your followers to other people’s valuable content (not just your own). Your followers will appreciate that you’re looking for the most valuable content to share, rather than it always being “buy from me!”

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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