Errand Marketing To Grow Your Avon Business

Errand Marketing To Grow Your Avon Business

Errand Marketing To Grow Your Avon Business

Did you know you can market your Avon business “on-the-go” while you’re out and about running errands, going to doctor’s appointments, shopping and living your life?

Errand marketing is actually one of the best ways to gain new customers and to tell people about your business.

One of the biggest perks is that it’s free, or at least costs very little.

Also, it’s more personal than other methods and allows you to show potential customers your enthusiasm for your product.

The key to implementing errand marketing successfully is to be friendly, helpful and fun – authentically you!

There are many useful methods to help you personally share your business when you’re on the town doing your everyday activities.

It can be really fun to use these creative methods to show off what you love about your product line and your business.

Let’s look at some of the best, most effective errand marketing techniques, as well as some tips to keep in mind when getting started.

Don’t Make My Mistake

Years ago, when I first started with Avon, I didn’t know the simple ins and outs of errand marketing.

As with any career, there are lots of things to learn when you’re just starting out, and many of those learning experiences come through trial and error.

I can still remember the first time I wished I had been more prepared when a customer approached me wanting to know more about my product.

I was out shopping, had just pulled into my parking spot and stepped out of my car when a woman approached me to ask about the Avon decal in my back window.

She said she’d been wanting to try the product for a while now and asked if I had any samples.

Samples? I had never even thought to carry samples with me unless I was heading out to actually work my business. Darn. I didn’t have any samples, and I told her so.

Turns out I didn’t even have my business cards and Avon Catalogs with me. I wrote my name and number on a piece of paper for her.

Do you think she ever called?

No, she did not. It was a good lesson for me. To this day, I can’t believe that I put myself in a position like that, potentially losing a sale, a party, or even a valuable team member.

I now know how easy it would have been to be prepared with a car kit to hand her everything she would have needed to try the product and get in touch with me when she was ready to order.

We’ll talk more about car kits and other really convenient tools to have in your on the go marketing bag of tricks.

Look Sharp and Sparkle

You may think you’re just out running errands, but you’re also representing your business.

When you hand out your business card or offer an Avon Catalog, you want to be seen as a professional businessperson.

That means it’s important that you look the part. No sweatpants, t-shirt or messy hair.

That’s not to say you have to dress as if you’re presenting a home show.  Just consider wearing a clean, pressed, casual outfit.

Be sure your hair looks nice, and if you wear makeup, take the time to add a bit of color to your face.

A put-together appearance will give the impression that your business is also put-together!

In addition to putting forward a professional look, you’ll also want to pay particular attention to the attitude you convey when you are in public representing your business.

People gravitate toward positivity.

Sure, we all have bad days. But if potential customers or team members see you snapping at your kids or looking grouchy, they’re far less likely to want to work with you.

A smile and some positive comments, even in a stressful situation, will go a long way toward making you seem approachable.

Positive people who radiate confidence and calm give people a reason to want to join them.

See and Be Seen

There are so many ways to engage in errand marketing. Really, they’re all pretty easy.

It’s all just a matter of being yourself and sharing what you love with those you meet.

However, there are a couple things you can do to start out in marketing yourself and your business in a very visual way that may prompt those you encounter to ask what it is that you do.

These strategies involve being easily seen.

Wear Your Name Tag

Invest in an Avon Name Tag and wear it everywhere you go.  You can also get one at any Office Depot or Staples, or a variety of online sites.

Here’s a website that sells name tags that you can print off with your printer.  This is what I have.  I use the 1.5 x 3 Blank Acrylic Dome badge with a magnet.  They look very professional.

Leaving your name tag on while in public places is a marketing staple in an Avon Rep’s professional bag of tricks.

The reason it’s such a tried and true method is because it works.

Wear your name tag as if you’ve come straight from a party or demonstration.

I get stopped and asked about my name tag all the time when I’m out and about.

People who have an interest in your product or in doing what you do will naturally ask about your job, leading to the perfect opportunity to gain a new contact.

Be sure to give the person your business card and an Avon Catalog, and try not to let them walk away without getting their contact information and adding their name to your contact list.

It’s in the Bag

Speaking of Avon Catalogs, you absolutely want to be sure to carry them with you.

You’ll kill two birds with one stone by making sure you have a clear pocket tote bag to carry them in.

This kind of bag can be purchased at a department store or ordered from an online retailer that caters in products specifically for those in direct sales.

The clear pocket on the outside is where you can place your latest catalog so everyone you meet will get a glimpse of your business.

Carry the tote as your everyday purse. There are a wide variety to choose from, and they can even be customized to fit your specific company catalog.

When someone who is interested in Avon asks for a catalog, take some time to engage them in conversation.

And, remember, get their contact information. Either ask for their business card in a friendly way or take their information down on a drawing slip, one of your cards or in your contact notebook.

Your Car Kit

There are some things you can always have with you to take along on your outings, wherever you go.

These items and kits are handy little things you can easily place in public areas for folks to see or to hand those you meet as ways to advertise your business.

Remember when I told you about the big mistake I made in the early days of my business and how I lost a potential customer because I wasn’t prepared?

Well, that’s when I could have used a car kit, which is an awesome thing to keep with you at all times for when you’re heading out on the town.

These are little zip close baggies containing the current Avon Brochure (or a flyer with a link to your Digital Brochure), your business card, a flyer, a sample or coupon for a sample and information about your opportunity in case they’re interested in making money too.

You’ll want to store at least a half a dozen of these in your car or tote bag at any given time.

This way, when you’re out and about and meet someone who shows interest in your company, you have a packet on hand to give them immediately.

Hand these car kits out to:

  • People you meet at the grocery store who are shopping for products similar to those you market; strike up a conversation with them.
  • Servers at restaurants (put the tip inside the baggie.)
  • Bank tellers
  • Hairdressers
  • Postal employees
  • Anyone you can engage in conversation about your business!

Car kits are a fun marketing tool. Everyone likes to get something for free. They’ll gladly accept your little gift.

Later when they are at home and have some time to check it out, they may well realize they have a need for your product.

When they do, your contact information will be right there easily within reach so they can place their first order!

On our next post, we will talk more about how to use brochures to grow your business.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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