Using Facebook Messenger To Help You Follow-Up

Using Facebook Messenger To Help You Follow-Up

Using Facebook Messenger To Help You Follow-Up

Sometimes, we think of Social Media as another task we need to do to grow our business, and something that will take more of the time we already have so little of.

But Social Media can also help you do a better or more effective job of doing the things you already should be doing.

One prime example of this is Follow-up, staying in touch and making them feel valued.

I love using social media tools as a way to follow-up with prospects that I meet out there in the real world. So when I meet someone at a Chamber event and we’ve made a good connection, I immediately add them as a friend on Facebook.

Then you can send them a Facebook message with information about the very thing you chatted about at the Chamber mixer.

Facebook Messenger is a great follow-up tool. It maintains a great history of your conversation and relationship there in one thread, so you can easily go back to see what you said last time. It helps you engage in a personalized, meaningful way.

More and more people are shying away from email. But they do have their phones on them, and are more likely to see/respond to a Message on Facebook.

Messaging apps are fast and intuitive. The responses you get are short and easy to read. And people like using them!

Facebook Messenger has been growing rapidly since it was introduced in 2011. They currently have over one billion active users.

While the app is great for chatting or sending videos or pictures there is so much more you can do with Messenger.

Did you know you can use it to make phone calls or video calls? This is a great feature that is particularly useful to make it feel more personal.

You can also just send audio messages.

When you send an audio message, it adds a personal touch and a warm connection with your prospects. It’s really easy, and it’s a very effective way to follow-up.

Using Facebook Messenger allows our prospects to get to know us quickly by snooping our Facebook profiles and learning how they can trust us as a credible leader. And… it gives us the ability to snoop on them and see if they might be a good candidate for our business.

Facebook Messenger is immediate, and it’s a way to respond quickly to our prospects needs and questions, providing tools and resources and providing that “high tech/high touch” value to them quickly.

When we use the voice and video options to talk to our prospects, it helps us really stand out in the crowd. It not only helps them feel more connected to you, but they can hear the sincerity in your voice and build rapport through our conversations.

If you haven’t already, make sure you have the messenger app on your phone. This will make it easy for you to respond quickly. When people send a Facebook message, they expect a quick response – there’s nothing worse than having to wait hours for a response.

Stay on top of your messages by checking messenger throughout the day. Also, be aware that Facebook will filter messages into a Message Requests or Filtered Messages folder if you’re not already connected on Facebook. So be sure to check that too so you don’t miss important prospects who have reached out to you.

If you aren’t familiar with the Filtered folders in messenger, you can find them by going to the menu bar at the bottom of your messenger app (Or clicking on the gear icon on your desktop app) and clicking on the “people” tab. From there, you will find your “message requests” and “filtered messages.”

I bet you didn’t know that Facebook Messenger provides you a direct link you can give out so people can message you? I just learned this recently. It takes the prospect directly to your messenger inbox to send you a message.

The link you can share with your prospects is[insert Facebook user name]. So for me, that would be – pretty cool, huh!

This can be used either for your personal profile, or for your Facebook business page. Your business page is a great place to carry on these conversations with your prospects.

All of these things can help you stand out from the crowd. It can help us build professional rapport with our prospects. Standing out means going above and beyond the norm.

Facebook Voice messages are one way to do that. Sending your prospect a birthday card, congratulations card, holiday card, and product samples will really make your prospects feel more “cared for” by you.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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