Facebook’s New Invite Feature For Your Facebook Parties

Facebook’s New Invite Feature For Your Facebook Parties

Facebook’s New Invite Feature For Your Facebook Parties

Facebook has made some changes to their Group Invite feature that will make things easier.  It is actually a great feature that will really help you, but with one caveat that I will explain below.

The great thing is that no longer will you be added to groups without your consent or knowledge.

Remember what a pain that was?

People would add you to their group – You didn’t do this though, right! ? – without talking to you first, and then all of a sudden you started getting notifications and posts from groups that you didn’t even know about or maybe had no interest in.

Well, those days are over!

Facebook has made some changes in their Invite Friends function in the group settings.

Now when someone adds you to a Facebook Group, it’s actually just an Invite.

What that does is sends you a notification that you’ve been invited to the group and puts you in “Preview Mode” where you’ll be able to see the group’s contents for 28 days.

The only function you’ll be able to perform is liking a post.  You won’t be able to comment or post yourself.

This allows you the choice of checking out the group and deciding whether or not you’d like to join it as a member.

If you don’t visit the group at all, after 28 days your preview expires.  If you interact with posts (by liking them), then your preview gets extended for another 28 days.

So now Facebook is giving you the option of whether you want to join the group or not.  And you can check it out before making the decision.

So how does this affect us when we are using Facebook Groups for Parties?

You don’t have to worry too much about your hostess adding hundreds of people from her Facebook Friends list because only those who are really interested will accept the invite to her party.

So, I really believe this is a good thing.  It will help our parties have more interaction because only the people who want to be there will be there, and they are more likely to engage and participate.

But Here’s the Caveat I warned you about in the beginning!

Facebook is a very busy place.  We all receive Facebook notifications all day long.

Many people either ignore or turn off their Facebook notifications.

And so, if all you do is invite them to your party using the Invite Feature in the Facebook group, many of your intended guests will never even know about it.

And if they’re previewing the event, they may not join in time for the party.  When having a Facebook Party, we don’t have the luxury of letting your guests preview the group for 28 days.  By that time, it’s too late.

If you invite 100 people using the Invite Feature in the group, and only 1 person shows up, then what?  More than likely, you will think that Facebook parties don’t work.

But guess again…  Facebook Parties DO work.  What didn’t work, was you! ?

If you take the time to text, call, email, Facebook Message… whatever method you choose to directly reach out to your guests and personally invite them you will get much better attendance.

Tell them why you are inviting them, what made you think of them, why you want them to come to your party…

Keep in mind, that just as if you were throwing a party in your home, you’d need to invite them, and then remind them, and then most likely check in with them again at the last minute to make sure they show up.

It’s no different for your Facebook party.  In fact, it’s even more important to do personal invitations and follow-ups with your Facebook party because all of us are so distracted these days.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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