Frequently Asked Questions About Being An Avon Representative An

Frequently Asked Questions About Being An Avon Representative And Selling Avon

Frequently Asked Questions About Being An Avon Representative And Selling Avon

Whether you became an Avon Representative because you want to earn more money alongside what you’re already doing or around your kids and family, or are looking to get a discount on your own products, or if you’re looking to build a big Avon business from home, Avon can be very rewarding and profitable with a little hard work.

With Avon, all dreams are possible. It’s up to you how much effort you want to put into your Avon business. If you set your mind on a goal and work hard to achieve it, you can accomplish anything with Avon.

So in an effort to help you find the success you’re looking for, let’s go through some common frequently asked questions:

What Is A Campaign?

An Avon Campaign is a selling period of two weeks. There are generally 26 campaigns every year (some have 27). Each campaign corresponds with a new brochure to sell from.

How Do I Know When My First Avon Order Is Due?

When you sign up as an Avon Representative, your team support person should contact you with this information.

But you can also see it yourself. When you log into (the website where Avon Representatives manage their business), it will be right there, front and center at the top of the page.

Do I Have To Place My Order On a Specific Day?

You can now place your order any time you want during Avon’s two-week Campaign cycle. It’s your business and it’s up to you. However, I strongly suggest you pick a day and develop a routine around that day to make it easier for yourself and your customers.

For example… Say Tuesdays work best for you. You could place your order on the first Tuesday after the campaign starts and then place your orders every other Tuesday. Or you could even place an order every Tuesday if you prefer. Other than you’ll have to pay shipping on each order, there is no limit to how many orders you can place each campaign.

It’s easier to get on a schedule and stick with it. But with flexible ordering, you get to choose what works for you. Keep in mind; it’s better to place your order earlier in the campaign to minimize the possibility for backorders, shorts, etc. So please don’t wait until that last minute. ?

Do I have To Meet A Sales Quota Or Minimum Order?

As an Avon Representative, there is no sales quota. (One exception is there are quotas to qualify for the Pathway to Premier earnings).

In order to keep your Avon Representative account open, there is a requirement to place an order at least once every 6 campaigns. If you have not placed an order for 6 consecutive campaigns, your account will be closed.  You can easily reinstate your account within a year by just logging into and placing an order.

Keep in mind that you will want to at least order brochures each campaign so you can continue to grow a strong business. After all, it’s kind of hard to sell without any brochures to show. 🙂

Do I Have To Keep An Inventory?

The great thing about Avon is this is your business and you get to run it the way that works best for you. There is no requirement to keep any inventory.

Some Avon Representatives choose to bring in a couple of extra products for spot sales or events they are working throughout the year. And some Avon Representatives like to keep inventory on hand so they can sell it on demand.

Personally, depending on your circumstance, I generally suggest you do not keep any inventory. Your brochures are your Avon Store. Use your brochures to your advantage and to grow your business. The more you invest into your brochures, the more orders or new customers you will receive.

How Much Money Will I Make Selling Avon?

As a new Representative, you will earn 25% on all beauty and jewelry products.

You will earn 20% on the “fixed earnings” products. These are products in the Avon brochure that have a diamond symbol in front of its description, such as purses, clothing, shoes, etc. *

*One Exception to this, there is a Pathway to Premier Program,  which if you max out, your earnings will equal approximately 65%.  With this Pathway to Premier Program, you can earn $3,250 in your first 8 campaigns!

Once you sell $5,000 within a year, you will promote to Premier.  At this level, your earnings will go up to 30% on beauty and jewelry products & 25% on the “fixed earnings” products.

As your total sales for the year increase and you reach different sales levels, these percentages will also increase for each level.

Here is a chart showing your future earnings:

Avon Commission Percentages Presidents Club and Above

Do I Receive a Discount On My Personal Order?

You will receive the same discount as you would earn in profit according to the chart above.

Are There Any Other Costs To Selling Avon?

Yes, this is your own business, and as such you have business expenses. You are responsible for buying our own brochures and sales tools. Avon provides many sales tools at a very low cost for Representatives such as samples, bags for your orders, etc.

I always recommend you set a budget for how much you will spend on sales tools to grow your business. But again, this is your decision.

How Is Sales Tax Handled?

The government is always going to get their sales tax. 🙂 Normally, if you were to start your own business you would have to get a license from your local Sales Tax commission and would have to report your sales to them.

Luckily Avon handles this for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Avon charges you the sales tax when you place your order, and they handle all reporting and paying of taxes to the government.

You will definitely want to collect sales tax from your customer to cover that expense. It is part of every purchase no matter where you make that purchase, and your customers already expect to pay it.

If you’re not sure how much sales tax you should be charging, you can look on your Avon invoice to see the amount they are charging you, or you can look it up online. Just Google “sales tax and (your town).”

Do I Have To Pay Shipping Charges?

You are charged shipping with your order. It’s actually very minimal – usually between $8 and $17 depending on the size of your order.

We strongly suggest you charge each customer an Order Processing Fee to help cover these expenses.  I charge my customers $2.00 and have never had anyone complain.  Most Reps charge between 75 cents all the way up to $5.00.  Some Reps even divide the shipping charge between the number of customers they served that order to determine the amount.

Your Online Store Customers receive Free Shipping with a $60 order.  You will be responsible for the shipping charges.  The amount will be deducted from your earnings of that order.

Shipping Charges are as follows:

Avon 2020 Shipping Fees

How Do I Get Paid As An Avon Representative?

As an Avon Representative you earn commission from your sales. Avon charges you for your order at a discount based on the size of your order.

Your earnings are the difference between what you collect from your customers and what you have to pay Avon. Any online sales commissions will be credited to your Avon account bringing down the balance of what you owe Avon.

If you are selling Avon online only, Avon will direct deposit your earnings directly to your bank 2 days after the orders ship.  Be sure to sign up for direct delivery so you will receive those deposits.  Just Log into and click on your profile / Get Paid by Avon.

There are also other earning’s opportunities when you take advantage of Avon’s Leadership Program. When you bring in new Representatives, and train and mentor them, there are cash bonuses available there as well. You will receive these bonuses by a check in the mail or direct deposit in your bank.

Do I Have To Attend Meetings?

There are many types of meetings available to support you in your business.

Avon has webinars and Facebook Lives quite frequently.  I may hold online meetings and Facebook Lives pretty regularly.

These are all there to help you be successful.

But as stated before, the great thing about Avon is you get to choose how to work your business, and as such, meetings are also optional.

They are an awesome source of new information and connection with other Avon Representatives and will help you be more successful in your Avon Business.

So Now That I Am An Avon Representative, What Do I Do First?

Now that you are an Avon Representative, take full advantage of Avon’s Free Online Training. Log into and click over to Avon U to learn more about how to grow your business.

Here is another post with Tips to Help You Get Started Right Away.

Tell everyone you know that you now sell Avon, and be sure to give out Avon Brochures to everyone you know and meet.

Also, be sure to sent out the link to your Digital Brochure – Here’s a post to show you how.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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