Feeling Shy? It Might Not Be What You Think!

Feeling Shy? It Might Not Be What You Think!

Feeling Shy?  It Might Not Be What You Think!

When you’re trying to grow your Avon business, shyness can be a problem and it can tend to hold you back.

It’s hard to be social when you’re feeling so much anxiety.

If that’s you, take comfort in knowing you are far from alone.  Four out of 10 people consider themselves shy.

But it’s not quite as simple as just being shy. 

We all feel shy at times.  It’s perfectly normal.  And many times, it’s more based on the situation than on our personality.

Maybe we are afraid to talk to people because of what’s going on in our head – maybe we think they won’t be interested in what we have to offer, or that they might say No, or even worse laugh at us.

In situations like that, our timidity is really more situational.  In other settings, such as when we’re not trying to grow our business, we’re more relaxed around others.

This is very different than people who have social anxiety or social phobia, where a counselor or therapist might be more appropriate.

But when shyness is selective and situational, the good news is that once we see it for what it is, we can seek ways to overcome it.

The best way to determine whether you’re experiencing situational shyness is to ask yourself: “Who or what am I putting on a pedestal right now?”

Recognizing that means that you’re looking yourself in the situation in a new, empowered light rather than being held back by a feeling that you give too much power to.

It means recognizing the situation, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and facing a fear of disapproval or rejection.  But it also means opening yourself up to living more fully!

Here are some suggestions that might help you:

  • Avoid thinking of yourself as shy if you truly aren’t. It’s amazing how the words we speak have power over us.  And when you allow yourself to believe you are shy, it will only make it more so.
  • Let go of the pressure to be perfect. Whatever you are doing… whether it’s asking someone if they would like a brochure or sell Avon, or attending a meeting, or whatever else it is you are doing; you don’t have to be perfect.  Just be YOU.  That’s who people will respond to anyway.  Be nice and focus on the other person and, with a little experience, you’ll be surprised at how well you do.
  • Don’t allow yourself to think that the other person is better than you. Or even that they won’t be interested in what you have to offer.  You can’t read minds, and you really have no idea whether they might be interested.  And the truth is, you’re looking for an answer – Yes or No – either is perfectly fine, so you can move on to the next person.
  • If the other person is a jerk, recognize it as such. Not everyone is nice and friendly.  If they laugh at you or are rude, just recognize that as their problem and has nothing to do with you.
  • It can be easier sometimes to just work to create great conversation. Ask questions that open up a light and easy banter, such as “How was your weekend?” or “Your baby is adorable. How old is she?”
  • Prepare ahead of time with things you can say to start conversations, and lovingly push yourself to get out there. Many times, we have no idea what can come out of speaking with someone.  It could open the door to a fundraiser, a new recruit, or a great new customer.
  • Allow the system to work for you. Instead of trying to rock the personality game when talking with someone, use the tools.  Ask if they’d like to have a brochure, and then ask them to fill out the drawing slip.  And then when you get home, you can plug them into your follow-up system to keep your business running smoothly.

Remember that you are worthy and unique.  You have life experiences and knowledge that nobody else has.  Anyone who could really see into you would recognize how special you are!  And, what you have to offer with Avon is amazing too – both in terms of the products and the opportunity.

Working on your self-confidence is the biggest situational shyness buster there is because, when we believe that we are valuable too, we’re less included to put others on a pedestal in the first place.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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