Finding New Avon Customers On Next Door

Finding New Avon Customers On Next Door

Finding New Avon Customers On Next Door

When you first start selling Avon, it can be hard to get your name out there and find new customers.

The key is to broaden your outreach.

Growing your business is a little like having a funnel.

How Your Sales Funnel Works

A sales funnel is nothing more than a visual metaphor for the path taken by a potential customer as he or she moves towards becoming a customer or new team member.

We add people into the funnel as we meet them, give them an Avon brochure and collect their contact information.

We move them through the funnel by following-up with them to see if there is anything we can order for them or any questions we can answer, continuing to give them a brochure each Campaign, following-up again, etc.

Soon, some of these people will come out of the bottom of your funnel as new customers or team members.

The funnel’s shape is very important. It shows you that how many people go into the top (prospects, new people we meet) is very different than the amount of people who come out the bottom (customers, team members).

So we’re always looking for ways to fill the funnel! And you want to approach this from every angle you can. The more people you put into the top of your sales funnel, the more will come out the bottom and build your business.

One way that’s working very well for me is NextDoor.

NextDoor is just another social media platform like Facebook. But it’s specific to neighborhoods and communities – theoretically a place where neighbors can interact, share news and tips, and get to know one another a little better.

NextDoor has a Classified Ads section. Every time we start a new Campaign, I place an ad in the FREE Section.

This is what my ad looks like:

Lynn's Ad on NextDoor

And here is the exact text I use in my ad. Please edit this so that you use your own wording. I am worried that if too many people say the same things, they will stop us from advertising Avon.  I have heard from some Avon Reps that their community won’t let them already.

Be sure to attach an image of the front of the brochure.

Have you seen the latest Avon Catalog? I have a FREE Catalog for you!

<Tell them something about what’s exciting in this brochure>

This is not your Grandma’s Avon any more! I’d love to give you a FREE Avon Catalog. Hit me up!

Or, browse the brochure online –

(Note, all you need to do is change out the lynnhuber to whatever your website code is and the brochure link will link to you!)

Now, don’t spam NextDoor. Once a campaign, consistently, will help fill your funnel and grow your business.

This is just one more way to get the word out there that you are open for business, and help you find new customers. Those who are interested will message you from within the app. Get their contact information and deliver them a brochure.

I have been consistently picking up 3-5 new customers, who place an order, every campaign with this method.

And then, don’t forget to follow-up! 🙂

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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