Finding New People To Talk To About Your Avon Business

Finding New People To Talk To About Your Avon Business

Have you worked your list and exhausted your personal contacts?

Your list should keep you going for quite a while. But if you’ve actually talked to everyone on your list and are looking for ways to find new people to talk to, let’s explore some ideas…

We can pretty much meet new people anywhere. But let’s be smart about how we look for them.

If we look for people in positive environments, we tend to meet positive people. In negative environments we tend to meet negative people. Obviously, positive people are the smarter choice.

So a self-improvement event would be a better place to meet someone than a bar.

To make it easier, let’s find people who have similar interests to ours. Then when we meet them, it will actually be easier to talk to them, right?

There is no shortage of people to talk to. If that’s what you’re thinking, it may be time to change your mindset. No matter where we are, there are always some people around us.

More than likely, what we’re actually thinking is that there are no approachable people. And maybe that will take a little practice. When thinking about whom to approach, let’s start with the more positive people.

Positive people know where they are going.   They have goals and dreams. And they are looking at the best side of things.

So let’s look at some ways to meet new positive people.

Find groups of people who have interests like you. There are thousands of events on Meet-up, and I bet you can find at least a few that you are interested in.

For example, if you love going out to dinner, maybe you could join a group of people who meet monthly to try different restaurants. Here you will find people who like the same things you do, and conversation is much easier. Also, you’ll see many of these people many times over time, giving you the chance to create relationships.

Same is true online. My daughter has a plan to run off and live the “Van Life.” She has joined groups of people who are also doing this or looking to do it, and she’s already met many people who talk the “van life” language.

Book clubs? Members get together to discuss the latest book of choice. It’s a safe place to meet people. Or people to play board games. As you start attending, you’ll meet people and have conversations with them.

There are all kinds of groups out there. Whatever it is you are interested in, I’m sure you can find a group of people who are also interested. There are groups for music, art, outdoor activities, fashion, movies, fitness, photography, learning new languages, and more and more… Surely you can find a few groups that you’d like to be a part of.

And of course, there are networking groups. Creating new contacts is the lifeblood of any business. Some are more formal and structured, and some are more laid back.

Find a group that fits you and feels comfortable. The benefit of networking groups is that everyone is there for the same reason – to meet people. How easy is that?

These are just a few ideas about where to meet people, but I hope they will get you thinking. I’d love to hear what ideas you have. Please type them in the comments below.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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