Five Ideas For Live Videos To Grow Your Avon Business

Five Ideas For Live Videos To Grow Your Avon Business

Five Ideas For Live Videos To Grow Your Avon Business

Live videos are where it’s at if you want to really grow your Avon Online business.

Since Facebook initially released live videos on their platform, things slowed down a little bit.

But today, live video has made a comeback, and it’s larger than ever!

These days, almost everyone has encountered the live-streaming tools available on almost every major social network.

We’ve all seen (or even hosted) Instagram and Facebook live streams.  And now we’ve got Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

But so far, not many of us have thought about how convenient, high-quality, and, most importantly, affordable this is — a new way to interact with your audience and increase their engagement.

In fact, Avon is even doing it with our Live Shopping!

If you haven’t tried Live Videos (or even Video in general) to grow your Avon business yet, this article is here to get you inspired and prompt to finally start broadcasting.

Here are Five Ideas For Your Live Videos To Grow Your Avon Business

1 – Tell Your Audience How to Use Your Product or New Ways to Use it

No one can tell you more about your product than you.

And people want to see how you use it.

This is a great way to grow your business.

Show them how you make your brows look amazing with the brow pencil.

You can show them how to apply their makeup.

Show them how to easy it is to use a product, such as our Fiji Laundry Sheet Detergent.

2 – Do an Unboxing Live Video

Unbox one product or unbox your Avon order on camera.

Let people see all the products you are receiving.

Earned a free trip from Avon?  Or some free products?

Unbox them on live video!

It’s exciting to people.  They love to see what’s in the box.

3 – Do a Q&A Live Video

You can answer questions that have already been asked, or you can ask people to submit questions ahead of time or on the live.

If you plan to get them live, make sure you have some for backup in case no one asks anything.

This could be a great recruiting video – Q&As about Selling Avon.

4 – Demonstrate a Product

Sometimes that’s all it takes to get someone to get out their wallet.

They just want to see how it works and what it feels, looks, or smells like.

You can cover a lot of that in your video.

They might not have even thought about needing some of the things you’re telling them. But once they see it, they know they need to have it.

5 – Behind the Scenes

You could do a tour of your office, share with them how you sort your orders, or even give them a peek into your day or life.

This helps people feel like an “insider” and give them info that could help them know, like & trust you and want to do business with you.

Bonus Live Video idea

6 – Host a Contest or Giveaway

You may have done this kind of activity before through Facebook posts.

Now try doing it on Facebook Live.

With a time limit, you can significantly increase audience engagement and views.

Contest options come in a variety of forms.

You can choose a winner using randomizer and user comments.

You can also ask the audience to guess the answers to the questions or come up with creative headlines.  The most creative person gets a prize.

Ask people to comment on a post ahead of time.

For those who comment, put their names in a Wheel of Names, and then do the drawing in a live video.

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Five Ideas For Live Videos To Grow Your Avon Business

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