Using Flyers to Prospect For Your Avon Business

Using Flyers To Prospect For Your Avon Business

Using Flyers To Prospect For Your Avon Business

Flyers should be left everywhere you go!  Paper your town with them!  Make a flyer and put it up everywhere you can.   Make sure the flyers have all your contact information – phone, email, web address, etc.

Choose a catchy headline to grab their attention – something like:

Read this! Want to Stay Home and Make Money?  Are you Looking for a New Job?  Urgent!  Stop and Look!  Distributors Urgently Needed!

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You can also find Recruiting Flyers in Avon U!

And, you can create flyers at Canva.  They have lots of templates and ideas you can use!

Tape a flyer on the bank’s ATM – Flyers with tear-off tabs with your name and phone number work best here.  Note: the best time to do this is Friday after the Bank closes.  They most likely won’t take it off until Monday.

Coupon Mailers – Place a flyer in your local Coupon Mailer, like Value Pack.

Videos/Books – Put a flyer inside DVDs at the video store, or in books at the library or bookstore.

Outgoing Bills – Place your flyers in all outgoing bills, and no postage necessary envelopes that you get with your junk mail for free credit cards and such.

Tray Tables in Airplanes – just before you get off the plane, open the 3 tray tables in your row of seats and tape a flyer to each one.  The cleaning crew doesn’t open the tray tables when they clean, so they’ll be left there for the next passenger.

Pass them out – Street fairs and such are great places to pass flyers out to people who walk by.

Mostly, just have fun finding new ways to pass out flyers and expand your business.  The more fun you can make, the easier it will be.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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