How To Follow Up With Maybes In Your Avon Business

How To Follow Up With Maybes In Your Avon Business

How To Follow Up With Maybes In Your Avon Business

When it comes to direct sales, and this includes Avon, not everyone says Yes right away.  So it’s very important that you know how to follow up with maybes.

It is a common fact that rejection happens. A lot.

But it’s also a fact that sometimes when someone says doesn’t take you up on your offer, that doesn’t always mean that they are not interested.

Sometimes failure to take action is not a ‘no’ – it is a ‘maybe’ or a ‘not right now’.

These are what I call fence-sitters.

They are people who are intrigued by your products or opportunity but are not yet ready to make a leap or take action yet.

These people can be prodded and encouraged until they finally decide that it is time for them to do something.

But it will take effort on your part to move them from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes’.

Here are some practical tips on how to follow up with ‘maybes.

Follow Up With Maybes Tip #1: Set Up A Meeting

Your first step when dealing with prospects should always be to get them to agree to meet with you.

Preferably in person, but a phone call or zoom call works as well if they are not local to you.

This way you can talk to them in real-time to answer their questions, address their concerns, and find out what it is that they need or want to achieve that you could help them with.

Without this information, it will likely be really hard to get them to take action because you will not know what will motivate them to do so.

Follow Up With Maybes Tip #2: On a Scale From 1 To 10

One question that I like to ask my prospects is “On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely are you to give our products a try or join my team?”

This gives you a great idea of how close they are to making a buying or business decision.

If you know this, then you are better able to work with them towards that action.

Follow Up With Maybes Tip #3: What Do You Like The Most?

Another question that I think is great to ask your prospects is “what do you like the most about our product or business opportunity?”

I love this question because it gets them to think positively.

Rather than focusing on the aspects that they are hesitant about, you get them to focus on the things that they like and are intrigued by.

This focus on positivity may be enough for them to realize that the good things about what you have to offer outweigh the few things that they might be concerned about.

Follow Up With Maybes Tip #4: What Questions Do You Have?

Speaking of their concerns, it is important that you do give them a chance to address them by asking “what questions do you have?”

While you can always bring up and address common objections during the conversation, you might not always hit on what it is that this particular prospect is concerned about.

And if you don’t know what is holding them back from taking action, you may never address it. Which means they may never move forward.

Follow Up With Maybes Tip #5: Money Back Guarantee

Another thing that you should always mention when you are talking to hesitant prospects is the 45 Day money-back guarantee that Avon offers.

One primary fear that people have is that they will waste their precious money.

Since Avon has a guarantee set in place that reduces the risk of financial loss, then be sure to mention this.

You can also let them know that if they buy a welcome/starter pack with your company, how much of it they would need to sell to break even.

With Avon, the $30 Starter Kits are worth well over $100, so if the new Representative sells the contents, they will make money.

So definitely be sure to mention this if your prospect’s main concern is the product or startup cost.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You!

When your prospects tell you ‘maybe’, what do you do to turn it into a ‘yes’?

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How To Follow Up With Maybes In Your Avon Business

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