For Best Success In These Times, Do The Opposite

For Best Success, Do The Opposite

For Best Success, Do The Opposite

Things are scary right now for sure.

We have this crazy pandemic going on, many people have lost their jobs, and we’re not sure where the current economy is going.

Sometimes the best approach to your Avon business success is doing the exact opposite from what your instincts want you to do.

Especially when the world is turned upside down the way it is now.

Harvard Business School did a research study which tells us exactly what we should do in a down economy to keep our business going.

1 – Find out what your customers need right now.

Don’t stop communicating with your customers and prospects.

Reach out by email, social media ads, and get brochures to your customers to let them know you are still operational (however you are) and find out what they need so you can best support them.

Richard and I are offering “contactless deliveries” to our customers.  Many are stuck at home and have no way to get the products they need, and they appreciate that we can be counted on to deliver to them.

We collect their payment electronically, or they leave a check under the mat.  We drop their order at their door, ring their doorbell, go back to the car and wave at them before leaving.

We are also putting little surprise thank you gifts inside our customers’ orders – a hand lotion, or a mask, or whatever we have to let them know we care about them.

You can also offer direct delivery from Avon through your website.  They can order online and have their products delivered directly to them, or you can offer to help them place their orders online if they are uncomfortable with it.

Avon is offering all kinds of products that your customers need right now, from cleaning supplies, to gloves and masks, to even hair dye and root cover up.  We have many of the products your customers need.

Maybe money is what they need.  You have a great opportunity right now where new Reps can sign up for Free.

2 – Improve efficiency instead of making cutbacks.

Continue buying brochures and getting them out.  Now is not the time to cut back!

You can send out brochures using Campaign Mailer, or even take a walk and drop brochures on the doorsteps of your neighbors.  This can be done safely as long as you maintain personal distance from the people you run into.  Hang them, toss them… whatever it takes to get them out.

Flood Facebook and other social media with your presence!

Always be looking for other ways to market your business.  Avon is open and shipping.  Take advantage of that!

Rather than cutting back to save money right now, focus on creating new efficiencies that can either save money, or even generate new reach for your business’s services, whether now or in the future.  Automating your business can help with this.

3 – DO NOT respond too aggressively OR defensively when times get tough.

Money might be tight, and you might not be able to purchase as many brochures as you would like, so if that is the case the key is finding a balance.

Find a way to continue to work your business in ways that your present situation will allow.

If you are high-risk and really can’t go out because it would be dangerous for you, spend your time building on social media.

If you really can’t afford to buy brochures because you don’t even know how you’re going to buy food, work on getting digital brochure links to everyone you know.

The key is to not just stop your business because it’s hard right now.  But at the same time, be smart about what you really can do and what you can’t.

4 – Invest in strategies and assets that can bring in new business for growth in sales.

According to Harvard researchers, companies that continued to tailor their services to customer needs during a recession fared FAR better in the years following the slowdown than companies that didn’t change, but merely continued with the same pre-recession strategies.

An example from the study:

  • Target increased capital expenditures by 50% in 2000 and focused on expanding into markets (such as grocery with Super Target stores) and increasing its internet-based business.
  • As a result, sales grew by 40% and profits grew by 50% over the course of a recession, and their profit margin even increased 1% in the years following the down economy.

Avon has done some of this for you too!  Focus on our self-care and safety products.  Promote our cleaning products, masks & gloves, hand sanitizer (coming soon), and bath & body and grooming products.  These are all products people need and will continue to purchase.

And don’t forget… women will not skimp on personal care during the worst of times. Even during the great depression, women did not give up their lipstick.  You can always sell a lipstick or two.

Here’s a perfect example of how NOT to react in a down economy:

During the recession of 1990-91:

  • McDonald’s cut its marketing budget
  • While Pizza Hut and Taco Bell maintained marketing as usual
  • Pizza Hut’s sales grew 61%
  • Taco Bell’s grew 40%
  • And McDonald’s’ sales SHRUNK by 28%

One of our team members, Chris Merrill shared another story with us:

“My brother owns three large car dealerships on the east coast. He said that nationwide car sales are down 75% since the pandemic. His sales are only down by 45% due to the fact that he is ADVERTISING LIKE CRAZY!

Buy brochures, hang them, toss them, flood Facebook and other social media with your presence! KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Also, it is a fact that LIPSTICK IS RECESSION-PROOF! Women will not skimp on personal care during the worst of times. You can always sell a lipstick or two.

If your neighbors won’t cry out “CITIZEN’S ARREST”, then get out there and distribute brochures.”

Thanks for sharing this Chris.  Those are smart words.

You must continue to market during a recession even though you may feel an impulse to do the opposite.

Now is the time to communicate with your customers and prospects.

Get them a brochure, email them, text them, send a card in the mail.

Make your customers feel special, and like you care about them.

Offer the Avon Opportunity to those who might need to make some extra money.

You can do this!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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