Get your New Representative Off to a Great Start!

Get your New Representative Off to a Great Start!

Get your New Representative Off to a Great Start!

So, you’ve appointed a new Avon Representative on your team. You want to get them off to a great start and so you teach them what you know and expect them to run with it.

Some do, and do very well by contacting their friends and family. Some go out door-to-door and do an awesome job! And some even get tons of orders from their workplace.

But then there are some who just can’t seem to get started. Or maybe they have $100 credit limit or, even more likely, a $0 credit limit with Avon.

We teach them to collect the money up front so they will have the money to pay Avon and will still be able to earn a good income without having to pay out of their pockets, but even so… many of them will limit their sales to stay under their credit limit.

Well, as you already know if you’re an Avon Leadership Rep,  your new Representative isn’t making any money unless they are making sales. And we need to help them earn some money quickly if we want them to stay with their business.

Sometimes when a new Representative joins Avon, their money management skills aren’t quite developed yet. Or how about their time management skills? Most people who have worked in the corporate world haven’t learned how to be self motivated, and how to manage their time. They just know they need to show up at a certain time to go to work and they get paid for the hours they work.

So, what if we held a Grand Opening party for every new Representative. We would coach them on how to invite their friends, and how many to invite so that we get 6-8 in attendance at their party.

We do their Grand Opening party for them in their house with their friends. We show them how much fun this business can be. … and we teach them to collect the money up front and how to place their order after the party. Wow! What a concept!

I know this is not new. Many companies build their entire business on party style selling. Even Avon has promoted party, or group, selling from time to time. But look at the advantages for your new Avon Representative, not to mention your personal earnings.

From your new Representative’s Grand Opening, your goal should be to book two additional parties, and maybe even get 1-2 new potential recruits. Then your new Representative will do their first party with your help, and then they’re up and running on their own.

If they just work one party per week, it will only take them about 3 hours, and will pretty much guarantee $300-$500/campaign or even more in Award Sales, and you’ll be helping them build a strong Leadership Business as well.

That means money in their pocket and in yours. Bottom line in our business, product needs to be sold. Without product sales, nobody makes any money. And with the tight economy, and considering that many people are working and/or commuting long hours; getting them to take a break and come to a party where they’ll be pampered for a while, socialize with their friends and shop for value-added products can be a wonderful thing for everyone involved.

So if you haven’t given much thought to parties in the past, now is the time to open your mind to a whole new opportunity!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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