Getting Started

Getting Started With AvonCongratulations on your decision to become a Beauty Boss and make a great income with Avon.

As I’m sure you know, and it’s the same with any business, being successful with Avon is going to require some hard work, dedication, and consistency.

There are three ways to make money with Avon, and I strongly suggest you work all three into your business for the best results:

Traditional Avon Face-to-Face Selling

This is the way Avon as always been done. You can go door-to-door, or pass out brochures at work or as you go about your day, you can do home parties or set up an event. There are lots of ways to grow your business using face-to-face methods.

When I first started Avon back in 2001, I created a HUGE business doing this. Within about 3 years I was selling over $100,000 in products. The key is getting those brochures into the hands of people who might want to buy, and then being consistent.

You’ll earn 20-50% of your product sales, depending on your sales level and the size of your order.

Online Sales

This is the second way to make money, and it’s a great focus to get more sales and earnings. The great thing is all your online sales and your face-to-face sales combine so that whether you sell online, or in person, you’ll still make the same commission. Pretty cool, huh!

And even better… you don’t have to take the order, bag the order, deliver the order, and collect the money. With online Sales, Avon does all that for you.

Avon Leadership

The third way you earn money is with Avon Leadership. Please don’t discount this way, as it is actually the most lucrative of the three.

When you are in Leadership, you sign up friends and other people to sell Avon with you. You build a team, and support and mentor them, and that gives you a big business. It may sound a little scary, but Avon and your upline are here to help you. I’m here to help you too!

To make the most impact to your business, you’ll want to focus on all three methods. Whether you’re building a traditional face-to-face business, or an online business, or a combination, you can’t do it overnight.

It will take time for your business to really grow. But once you build a solid Avon business, you’ll reap the rewards of that business. It will be something that will sustain you for years to come.

Throughout this website, I will be posting several times per week with tips and suggestions to help you grow your business and earn the most money possible. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, on the right side of this page, so you don’t miss out on anything new.

My mission is to help Avon Representatives learn how to Sell Avon Online, how to Sell Avon Successfully, and how to build a great Avon Business regardless of the method you choose.

I look forward to helping you on this journey. We are all ONE Team, and together we will all go to the top!

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