Go Catalog Crazy To Build Your Avon Business

Go Catalog Crazy To Build Your Avon Business

Go Catalog Crazy To Build Your Avon Business

Our Avon Catalogs are a necessity of your business.

Avon has a beautiful new catalog every campaign to launch new products and offer sales.  You also have the ability to use your Digital Catalog.

This is an awesome benefit for your business, because every two weeks you have something new to offer your customers and potential customers.

Customers love to see what’s new in the most recent catalog and often look forward to its release.

Yes, catalogs do cost you money, although they are a great value for the price.

That being said, the cost of brochures can cut into your profit to hand them out to all new and potential customers, not to mention the money lost in outdated catalogs that aren’t used.

Keep in mind, that if you can afford physical brochures, or if you prefer to do it all online, you can use the Digital Brochure.

You also have the ability to text or email Avon Digital Brochures. 

If expense is an issue for you, the Digital Brochure is free.

In my opinion, it’s not quite as effective as a physical brochure.

The reason I believe that is that when you give your customer a brochure, it will probably sit on their counter for a couple of days.  It may eventually migrate to the bedside or bathroom where eventually they will pick it up and read it.  When you text a Digital Brochure to someone they see the text, but if they don’t have time to look at it right away there is a very good chance it will be forgotten.

But, if you choose to use the digital brochure, it is still definitely an option.  Here is a post about how to share your Digital Brochure on social media and other ways.

Using Physical Avon Brochures

I do strongly suggest you use them anyway, because the Avon Catalog is the very best way to find new customers and get orders from current customers.

If you have some outdated brochures, there are a number of solutions to this problem.

One of the most economical uses for your old Avon Catalogs is to distribute them to businesses around town.

Sure, it’s not the newest brochure. But if you put a label with your contact information on each one, customers can get in touch with you to get the latest catalog.

There are so many places to leave your catalogs so that people can find your business, and you can drop them off when you’re at an appointment or running errands.

  • Doctor’s office
  • Dentist’s office
  • Orthodontist’s office
  • Hospital waiting room
  • Urgent care waiting room
  • Veterinarian’s office
  • Laundromat
  • Dry cleaners
  • Mechanic’s waiting room
  • Insurance office
  • Temp agencies
  • College campuses
  • Library
  • Daycare center
  • Hair salon
  • Nail salon
  • Tanning salon
  • Tax preparation office
  • Ice cream parlor
  • Bagel shop
  • Donut shop
  • Deli
  • Bakery
  • Flower shops
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement home
  • Senior center
  • Bank teller
  • Shoe stores
  • Kids’ resale shops
  • Kids’ dance/activity waiting rooms
  • Pet stores
  • Mortgage offices
  • Computer stores
  • School offices
  • Fabric stores
  • Print stores
  • Health food stores
  • Park benches
  • Bus stops
  • Bowling alleys
  • Movie theatre lobbies
  • Furniture stores
  • Cable office
  • Water and gas utilities
  • Apartment leasing offices

Always ask permission before leaving a catalog. This is a courtesy that has a positive impact on your business reputation.

More ways to use Old Avon Catalogs to grow your business

There are a number of other ways to use up old catalogs in your marketing efforts, besides dropping them at local businesses and other public places.

The last-minute push to use expiring catalogs can bring in a phenomenal burst of business.

So, get creative and don’t just throw them away!

Office Parties

Another idea is to offer office parties for staff at various businesses around town like doctors’ offices, insurance agencies and other places you might stop regularly.

Stick an outdated catalog in a clear plastic bag, along with a flyer you’ve created offering this service and some samples.

The office staff can have you come to do a demonstration or simply schedule a catalog show in which they take orders to submit to you later.

Offer a Freebie

Remember how everyone loves to get free stuff?

Offering a free small item or discount could be enough incentive for some folks to place an order or book a party.

Create stickers on your computer with a cute poem or message that offers customers a bonus for contacting you. Place the sticker on old catalogs to distribute.

Use Them as Business Cards

Not only are catalogs an expense for your business, but they can actually be quite valuable as your calling card.

Use old catalogs in place of business cards when interacting with potential customers and other contacts throughout your everyday life.

Hand out a catalog that has your name, email and website on it when at events or other occasions where business cards are exchanged.

Be sure to ask your new contact for their contact information in return to add to your list.

Make Bookmarks

For a fun and creative way to use up outdated catalogs, you can cut them into strips, laminate them and add ribbon through a hole you punched in the top to make a cute book mark.

You can give them away at parties or include them in mailings.

Add your contact information label to it, and you’ve got another creative “business card.”

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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