Is It A Good Idea To Work More Than One Network Marketing Business

Is It A Good Idea To Work More Than One Network Marketing Business?

Is It A Good Idea To Work More Than One Network Marketing Business?

You’ve got a thriving Avon (or any other) Business, and you’re thinking about adding a new product line to the mix.  But is more than one business a good idea?

There are many different thoughts on this, and it can be a controversial subject.

In my mind, it depends on what you’re looking for…

It’s hard To Focus On More Than One Thing

I’m a firm believer that you can’t “chase two rabbits” at the same time.

Sure, it is entirely possible to work two companies and even to be somewhat successful at both of them.

But when you’re splitting your focus like that, it is pretty much impossible to build a big business and make the big money.

Solid focus, dedication, and commitment can give you that amazing business that offers you the freedom that you’re looking for. Split focus is only going to make you mediocre at each of your businesses.

As you’re talking to new prospects, there’s always that “which company do I show them” thought in the back of your head. So your focus is divided.

To Be Successful, Focus Is Critical

To be hugely successful in our network marketing business, we need to be committed, totally focused, and driven to reach our goals. Another business interferes with that.

No one said network marketing is easy.

But the opportunity it gives us to live an amazing quality of life is a rare thing and it only comes to those who focus on their success by helping others achieve success.

Your job is to build a strong team and help them believe in themselves, in you, and in your company!

What About Your Team Members?

Being in more than one Network Marketing company sends a very confusing message to your team members.

How do you stay authentic in teaching them to stay focused on their business and to believe in your company when you are not following your own example?

If you can’t keep your team focused and motivated, your growth is just not going to happen.

Before you know it, you’re going to have team members selling Avon, but maybe also selling Tupperware or some other company. Can you see how you will have a team that’s not committed? That will definitely hurt your (and their) success.

But There Are Exceptions

Now, that being said, in my mind, there is one exception to this rule.

There are many tools out there that will feed into your Avon Business. Most are affiliate programs, but some are Network Marketing programs.

The key is, I am using these tools to build my Avon business and I’m sharing them with others who want to grow their Avon business.

I would not suggest that you work to build one of these tools as a business alongside your own – just like I mentioned above – but, instead share the tools that are working for you and that you use every day, and earn a little residual income on the side.

Tools I Use In My Business

Some examples of these types of tools for me are SendOutCards, Shuffle and Square.

I use SendOutCards every day in my business. I send birthday, anniversary, and recognition cards and gifts to my team members, as well as a 6 card series (campaign) to prospects. This tool has made a huge difference in my business growth.

Shuffle is another tool I use every day. Shuffle is a virtual business card. I can create many different cards for different situations. This card is the one I use when I meet someone out and about, in my signature line of my emails, and for my Avon prospects. This card is my Current Brochure Card. It is updated every campaign and I share it with customers and on Facebook.

If you like my Virtual Business Cards, there’s a link on each of them to Design your own card with a 14-Day free trial.

Square Credit Card App is the Credit Card Processing program I use to take credit cards from my customers. Yes, you can take your customer’s credit card information and input it on, but that can be cumbersome and really not very safe for your customers.

Square securely processes the credit card payment and deposits the funds directly in your bank account. It’s easy as can be.

Square does not pay commissions, but when you share the app with others, Square will give you both free processing on up to $1,000 in sales. Isn’t that a great way to help each other grow our businesses?

As you can see, these are all tools I use in my business every day. I do not make a lot of money sharing these tools, but by sharing, it helps me cover my costs of using them.

This is something that can help you as well.  It’s like working your regular business and getting paid twice!

This Is Your Business And You Can Run It Any Way You Choose.

I suggest you consider these thoughts as you are making these decisions.

Build one strong business and maybe share a few tools that you are using in your business.

This will keep you and your team focused and on your way to great success!

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Is It A Good Idea To Work More Than One Network Marketing Business

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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