How to Find Your Online Orders

I Got an Order In My Online Store But Where Do I Find It?

I Got an Order In My Online Store But Where Do I Find It?

You just started your Avon Business and you’re really excited. You’ve given out your website address to lots of people already. Finally, you talk to someone and they tell you they placed an order on your website.

How exciting! But now, how do you find it?

Well, actually, it depends. When you first join Avon and set up your website, it defaults to giving your Customer a choice of Direct Delivery or Customer Delivery. I go into more detail in this post.

Representative Delivery Orders

But for now, let’s look at how to find your Customer orders.

Log into and look at the Shopping Bag on the top of your screen.

Representative Delivery Orders In Cart

This shows your Open Orders. If your customer shows up here, that means they placed it Representative Delivery. You will need to submit their order with your orders when you place your order. You’ll receive the products and will deliver to your customer and collect payment.

You can click on Expand All to see the items in the order.  If you click on the 3 dots to the right of the customer name, you can delete the order.

Rep Delivery Order in Your Shopping Cart

Here is a post with instructions how to place your order.

Direct Delivery Orders

Not showing up in your Current Orders?

Look at the top where you’ll see your name.  Click on your name, and then on Order History – you will most likely find it there.

Order History

Here you will see your own orders, as well as your Customer’s Direct Delivery orders.

If it is listed in this Order History section, that means your customer placed their order and paid for it at the time of purchase. This place on is where you’ll see the orders in “real time,” before they are even applied to your account.

Avon will ship the products directly to your customer and will pay you your commission.

Once the order is processed and shipped, you will find a credit on your account. You can find the processed orders by scrolling down on the front page of to the box that says Online Store Orders.

Checking Your Avon Account Balance

You’ll see the actual credit on your account by clicking on your name at the top of the page, then on Account Balance.

How to see your Avon account balance

To see the running account activity… under My Statements just click on the Search Button.

Viewing Your Statements

It doesn’t get much easier than that, right?!

One last thing…

How to get Paid

Here is a post about how you get paid for Selling Avon.

Avon pays you via Avon Wallet.  You will need to set that up.

To set it up, click on your name at the top of the page, and then Avon Wallet.

Then follow the instructions on the next page.  There are lots of options for how to receive your money.

How to Set Up Your Avon Wallet


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I Got an Order In My Online Store But Where Do I Find It?

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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