Grow Your Avon Business By Building An Office Route

Grow Your Avon Business By Building An Office Route

Grow Your Avon Business By Building An Office Route

As an Avon Representative, it is important to continue to work to grow your business. New customers are the lifeblood of our business, and an Office Route can help.

When you continue to promote and grow your Avon business, the result is always increased sales and profits. Who doesn’t want that, right?!?

One thing I’ve done for years is to service businesses.

An Office Route Is A Great Way To Grow Your Business.

Think about it, one delivery stop can take care of 3-4 or even more customers.

Women love to buy Avon from their offices.

When you go into their office to service them, they don’t have to worry about hooking up with you to receive their order, and they don’t have to stay home waiting for your delivery.

When I lived in California, I grew a huge business by servicing offices.

Since I moved to Utah, I’ve struggled a little and had a hard time rebuilding my customer base.

So, We Got Busy And Built An Office Route

Richard and I picked out a couple of office buildings and decided to get to work.

We carried a small notebook, wrote the address at the top, and then went through the building talking to the receptionists.

I also carried a little basket of lipstick samples so we could offer one to the women in the office.

We Tracked Our Progress In A Notebook

In the notebook, we wrote the address at the top of the page and then wrote the suite# on each line as we went into each office.

If they were not interested, we wrote No. This way we know NOT to come back to these offices.

But you know what? Richard and I have visited probably 100 offices, and only 2 said no.

Everyone was excited to see the Avon brochure. Many told us they haven’t seen one in a long time.

We asked them how many Avon catalogs would be good for their office, got their name so we could have a contact person, and wrote down how many catalogs we left.

Then we asked them, “Would it be okay if we come back every couple of weeks and just bring new catalogs?” Overwhelmingly, we heard YES!

Grow Your Business By Building An Office Route

Now you know who you gave brochures to and who is open to receiving them.

Be sure to go back there every two weeks to service them.

Be Aware That You Are In A Place Of Business

Dress professionally, and be polite and even discreet when you’re talking with the receptionist.

Know that their clients and customers will always come first, so if they’re helping someone, just back off a little and let them take care of business.

I have done really well with medical offices – doctors, dentists, etc.

Don’t limit yourself to them though, because I’ve also done well at insurance offices, banks, credit unions, etc.

There are all kinds of offices out there that are full of women – and there are many women out there who LOVE Avon!

Stick With Your Office Route And Give It Time

Like anything, it might take a little while to grow, but it will all be worth it. Don’t give up if you don’t receive orders right away.

It might take 4-6 campaigns before you start really growing. You’ll most likely receive a few orders right away, but sometimes people want to see if you’re going to stay before they start to trust you.

The bottom line, it’s all about consistency. If you get started and stay consistent, you can’t help but succeed!

I’ve grown my business this way and even made some pretty amazing friends.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time either. You can build a serious business in just an hour or so each day, as long as you stay consistent.

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Grow Your Avon Business By Building An Office Route

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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