Grow Your Avon Business With Instagram

Grow Your Avon Business With Instagram

One new tool that I have recently added to my Avon marketing tools is Instagram.

When you think of using social media to promote and advertise your business, Instagram probably isn’t the first network to come to mind.

But Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. More and more businesses are going to Instagram to reach a new, younger market.

So, what is Instagram? Well it started out as a trendy, mobile photo-sharing app on iPhones. It let people add digital filters to their photos and it added social features such as profiles, followers and comments.  Android quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

In 2012, Instagram was purchased by Facebook for one billion dollars – cementing itself as the social photo-sharing app.

As of September 2015, Instagram had 400 million active users, and it’s still growing. Thirty-one percent of all women online use Instagram, with 24% of men using it too – over half of these users are 18-29 years old.

At first, I really didn’t do much on Instagram. I’m old, and way more comfortable on my computer than on my phone. And using your phone is the only way you can post to Instagram.

But then I learned that I could add my Instagram profile to Buffer and use Buffer to schedule posts. That changed everything for me.

You still have to manually post from your phone, but you can schedule on Buffer and add the image on Buffer. With the Buffer app on your phone, you will get a notification that it’s time to post to Instagram, and the post is there ready for you to post.

As soon as I started using Instagram, I started receiving amazing feedback right away. My followers are increasing drastically every day, and I’ve even had people ask me about my Avon business!

Be sure to convert your Instagram profile to a business profile. Then you can attach your Instagram account with your Facebook Avon Business page.

As a business profile, viewers can view your contact information, you can get more tracking information about your posts, and you’ll have the ability to promote your posts, if you choose, for a small fee.

When you share your Instagram posts to your Facebook page, it can dramatically increase your reach and engagement on your Facebook page, and we all know how hard that is to get.

From the Instagram app, people can message you, making this a great recruiting tool. When you post recruiting images, you can advise people to message you to learn more.

This gives you a great opportunity to start a conversation, learn more about what they are looking for, and be better able to present the Avon Opportunity in a way that will most meet their needs.

The number one tip for growing your Instagram community is to be attentive and genuine. Use a real profile photo, leave sincere comments on people’s pictures, and always respond to your followers quickly. And be sure to engage with them.

Instagram is a great way to showcase how you can incorporate your Avon business into your daily life. Your followers can see how much you are enjoying your Avon business.

Let them see how much fun you have. Post pictures of you happily delivering Avon orders, having fun at events, and how you are able to do more at home with your family because of your Avon business.

People always want to feel like they are getting something exclusive, so include photos you don’t share anywhere else.

Use hashtags to increase your audience. Find hashtags that are meaningful and relate to your image. I find the most popular hashtags to be #WAHM #EarnMoney #Free Avon

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And please share your Instagram tips below.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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