How Automated Systems Can Help You Create Happy Avon Customers

How Automated Systems Can Help You Create Happy Avon Customers

How Automated Systems Can Help You Create Happy Avon Customers

By finding ways to automate your Avon business, you make it more likely that your customers will have a good experience with you.

Having a system in place that can be automated to deliver the exact experience you want, consistently over time, without fail can make all the difference.

Before we get into automation and how it can help, let’s talk about some of the things that can become difficult for your customer.

Your Customer might be unsure of the process.

Even when you have the best intentions to provide the best customer service, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do everything you need to do and still grow your Avon business.

Your customers, especially if they are new to you, may have questions…

  • Your customer might not be sure when your next order is going in.
  • Your customer might have some questions about their order or the ordering process.
  • Your customer might wonder if they give you an order how long will they have to wait to receive it.
  • Your customer might want to place an order, but you’ve already sent in your order and now they have to wait for your next one.
  • They might call you and you’re not home. They leave a message, but you don’t pick it up for several hours. I want to stress here, that you are not doing anything wrong. Of course you are allowed to have a life. It’s just that some customers forget that and feel neglected. 🙂

Obviously, we have no control over some of these.

Automation can create a better customer experience.

I know that you’re busy – probably too busy. You want to grow your Avon business and earn more money, but you know you also need to take care of your current customers and keep them happy.

And along the way, the whole reason you’re selling Avon is to be able to spend time with your kids, or not have to work 40 hours a week, or whatever it is you are working towards.

It might seem weird to think about automating your Avon business. I mean… automation and great service don’t exactly sound like they belong together. In fact, they feel like totally opposites.

I’ve heard all kinds of arguments against automating my Avon business from other representatives, including:

  • Automation is cold, sterile, and impersonal.
  • Our Avon business is built on relationships, and automation hurts that.
  • You can’t create strong customer relationships with automation

The reality is these statements couldn’t be farther from the truth. They are myths.

Benefits of Automation

When you have automated systems in place, you will:

  • Have more time to do the things you need to do. You’ll enjoy more flexibility in your schedule and have the time to build your business or spend with your children.
  • Be able to stop worrying about repetitive administrative tasks and focus on the strategic work that matters most – the work that only you can do.
  • Feel confident in the level of service you are providing your customers because automated systems run without you. They don’t get sick, don’t forget things, don’t drop the ball, or get interrupted by your children or family. Systems provide the same level of service over and over.
  • Work less for even more sales, and have more time to gain new customers and recruits.

And, at the same time, systems help your customers to have a better experience by:

  • Establishing expectations, boundaries and clear roles – For instance, they receive a text or phone call from you a couple of days before your order is going to go in, so they have no question when they need to get their order to you, and when they can expect it to be delivered.
  • Providing a consistent, high-quality level of service that meets their expectations. When your brochures go out in the mail every campaign, there’s no question about who received one and who didn’t. Your customers will appreciate that they can count on receiving one every campaign.

Your customers will quickly come to understand that your systems are providing them with a consistent customer experience and will appreciate you for that.

Automation isn’t meant to replace interaction and personal engagement. It’s meant to enhance it and supplement it.

You will still see your customers when you deliver their orders. You will still answer the phone when they call. And I hope you are sending Thank you cards to your customers who place their order online.

Getting Started with Automation in your Avon Business

As an Avon Representative, there are really only a few things we do on a regular basis.

  • We find new customers and team members
  • We make sure they get a brochure every campaign
  • We follow-up
  • We take their order
  • We deliver their order

The better you get at performing these five simple tasks, the stronger your Avon business will be and the more money you will make.

When we use systems to take care of two of these tasks – delivering brochures and follow-up – it frees us up to spend more time finding new customers and team members to grow our team.

We use a simple 3-step process to take care of these tasks:

  • We use Campaign Mailer to make sure everyone gets a brochure every campaign.
  • We use a text message service to text reminders to customers when our next order is going in.
  • We use recorded phone reminder systems for those customers for which we only have a landline number.

You can learn our exact system here.

Are These Systems Really Necessary?

No, they’re not absolutely necessary.

You can drive all over town delivering brochures every campaign and keep track of whom you gave one to and whom you didn’t.

You can call or text every one of your customers every campaign.

These things are absolutely doable, of course.

But the idea is to grow your business. This means you need to keep increasing your customer count. When you have 50 customers, or 100 customers, or 300 customers that you’re giving brochures to, are you really going to sit down and text each one of them every campaign?

I think most Avon Representatives, even though they may be well intentioned, will have a problem staying on top of this.

Not to mention all that time that could be spent talking to people and gaining more customers and recruits.

I promise, once you put these systems in place you’re going to wish you did this a long time ago.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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