How Can I Help You Today?

How Can I Help You Today?

How Can I Help You Today?

As you go about your day talking to others about your business, your primary thought should be, “How can I help you today?”

If you go about your day putting all your focus on the person you’re talking with and how you can help them, you become more of a Customer Service person rather than a salesperson.  Isn’t that a better place to be?

Every person has a Hot Button or a need that your product or opportunity can solve.  If you can’t solve a need for that person, there is really no reason to even be talking with them.

People will join you if you can meet their needs, and only when you meet their needs.  So it is time to look for the needs that your product or opportunity can fill.

Talk to people with your focus being on them.  Forget about yourself completely.  Don’t ever assume you know what they are looking for.  Ask questions to learn what their needs are, and listen!

Listening is the most important skill you can learn. 

Ask about their family, occupation, what they do for fun, etc.  Get a sense of who they are as a person.  Ask about where they like to travel, or what they do for fun, or what’s important to them.

All of these types of questions will help you build a rapport with them.  Once you’ve built that rapport, you can ask things such as, “Do you see your life changing any in the future if you continue to do what you are doing?”  “How?” or “If you could change anything about your current lifestyle what would it be and why?

Then present your product or opportunity in a way that you can tie it in with what they want, and what their dreams are.  Don’t give them too much information right away.  Just focus on their needs and as time goes by you can give them more information.  It is all about the relationship – give it the time it needs to blossom and flourish.

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How Can I Help You Today?

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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