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How Do I Get Paid As An Avon Representative

How Do I Get Paid As An Avon RepresentativeOne of the fantastic new programs Avon offers all Avon Representatives today is you get paid the same percentages whether you sell Avon online or whether you place the order for your customer.

There is a KickStart Program that will have you earning $1,010 in your first 90 days if you meet the requirements. One of the benefits of that is you will earn 40% on all items sold online.

If you do not meet the requirements of the KickStart Program, or after that program is completed for you, you will earn sales commissions based on the size of your order.

You can find the current earnings chart on YourAvon.com under the Earning Opportunities Tab,

So how you actually get paid with Avon depends on what you’re doing to get paid. So let’s take a look at all the options.

How do you Get Paid for Selling Avon Face-to-Face?

Avon has a two-week order cycle called a Campaign, with a new brochure each campaign. If you’re not sure when your next order is due, log into YourAvon.com and it will tell you, right at the top of the page, what Campaign you are on and when your next order is due.


During hat two-week period you will collect orders, and submit them all together on your Order Due Date. It is always helpful, especially if you are new, to collect payment (or a credit/debit card number) from your customer at the time you take their order.

Once you place your order, Avon will bill you for the net cost of the products (minus your discount on that order), shipping and handling charges, any sales tools you order, and sales tax.

Whatever is left over from what you collected from your customers is your earnings.

For example:

Amount Collected from Customers – Amount you Owe Avon = Your Profit

How do you Get Paid for Selling Avon Online?

The commission from your online sales will show up as a credit on your Avon account. If you are only selling Avon online, your credit balance will continue to accumulate until Avon owes you more than $25.


When your credit balance is more than $25, Avon will direct deposit the credit into your bank account. The Direct Deposit is done on the 1st and 15th of the month and will take approximately 2 business days to show up in your bank account.

Be sure to setup Direct Deposit in your Avon account. If you do not have Direct Deposit setup, the credits will continue to accumulate in your Avon account until you place an order and use up the balance.

To setup Direct Deposit, log into YourAvon.com, and click on My Account >>> Profile >>> Account Information, and sign up for Direct Deposit. You’ll want to signup for Direct Deposit for both Face-to-Face Earnings and Online Customer Earnings.

How Do I Get Paid As An Avon Representative

How Do You Get Paid For Building An Avon Team?

When you start inviting others to Sell Avon and start building your own team of Avon Representatives, you will be eligible to earn bonus money through incentives and Leadership Earnings.

Once you achieve the Leadership Level of Ambassador, you will start earning a percentage of your team’s sales. This will be paid every two weeks.


If you are setup for Direct Deposit, you will receive all your Leadership Earnings through a Direct Deposit to your bank every other week.

If you are not setup for Direct Deposit, you will receive your Leadership Earnings on a Prepaid Visa Card.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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