How do I make money with Avon without having a Store?

How do I make money with Avon without having a Store?

Most people think that someone who owns an Avon Store and selling over $120,000/year is making money. The truth is by having a store, we have a huge expense we have to cover.

Average rent is about $3,000/month depending on where you are located. By the time you add utilities, expenses, employees (if you can afford them), you are spending anywhere from about $4,000-$6,000 per month just to be open. Let’s say your expenses are $4,000/month (that’s on the low end) = $48,000/year. You’ll get 50% on most products, so you’ll have to sell $96,000 just to pay your expenses. And don’t forget you’re working 60+ hours/week without being paid.

Stores who are selling at President’s Council level are just breaking even until they get their sales up to the $150,000 and above range. But long-term, the money is there – just like any brick-and-mortar business, it takes time. And it can be very fulfilling if that’s what you like to do.

On the other hand… Purchase 1200 brochures at a cost of about $160.00. (This is what I was doing before I opened my store). Make sure every brochure goes out every campaign with your contact information. You can put some door to door, pass some out as you go about your day, take some to businesses, nail salons, hair salons, doctor’s offices – everywhere you can give out brochures. Get a name and phone number wherever possible and follow-up with EVERYONE before you place your order.

You’ll spend 20-40 hours/week and your orders will be somewhere around $4,000/campaign. You’ll still be at 50% earnings and you’ll earn about $2,000/campaign less the $160 you spent on brochures = $1840/campaign or about $3680/month (This is based on my personal experience – yours may be higher or lower).

A large part of my earnings also comes from Leadership. Avon pays me to mentor and develop others to be successful in their business. You too can earn a good income from doing this.

Imagine this – as you get started in your Avon business, you’re having fun and making money. Then one of your customers asks – “Can I make money from home doing what you do? I really like the products and could use some extra money.”

The answer is YES! So you are going to get them signed up to start their own Avon business and when he/she does, Avon is going to send you a check. You might be surprised how many people already love our products and are open to giving Avon a try.

Well, despite the way things usually are, the idea behind what is now the fastest growing home based business trend in America and around the world, Network Marketing, is that if you get paid for recommending things you like, use and believe in, you’ll do this more and more! And, you’ll probably find some others that want to do the same thing. That’s what Avon Leadership is all about!

Now obviously it’s your business and the great thing about having your own Avon business is you can make it be whatever you want it to be. If you’re not willing to spend 20-40 hours/week, scale it down to what you are willing to put into your business.

Just realize that your earnings will be based on your effort, and you alone will determine how much you want to earn.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber