How Do I Sign Up A New Avon Representative On My Team?

How Do I Sign Up A New Avon Representative On My Team?

How Do I Sign Up A New Avon Representative On My Team?

As an Avon Representative, there is an option to earn money by selling products, and there is also an opportunity to recruit new Avon Representatives and build a team.

By sharing the Avon opportunity with others, you will be able to increase your earnings dramatically.

Not only will you help your team members join Avon, but you will also be there to support & mentor them as they work to reach their individual goals & grow their own Avon businesses.

I know it might sound a little scary, but I promise it’s not really difficult. You’re just helping another person be successful with their Avon business.

You don’t have to know it all – all you need is a desire to help someone else be successful.

There is always someone around to help you when you need it. This blog is here to help you too.

As you’re talking to other people and sharing that you are an Avon Representative, some of them might actually want to join you! They want to earn extra money too.

It’s Easy to Help Them Enroll as a Representative on Your Team.

Just take them to your Online Store – and then click on Become a Rep.

It’s easy to help them enroll as a Representative on your team


Note, if you are brand new yourself, you will need to wait 24 hours before the computer will be ready for you to sign up a new Representative.

Once your website is set up properly, you’re good to go.  Just send your prospect to your website –

Mine is Replace lynnhuber with whatever yours is.

Having them click on “Become a Rep” from your own Avon Online Store is the very best way to get someone signed up and on your team.

If you have them on the phone, it’s even better for you to say, “If you’re ready, I can get you signed up right now.

Then while they’re on the phone with you, YOU go to Your Avon Website and you click on Become a Rep and you get them signed up – just like a Customer Service Representative.

If you do it for them, you know it will be done now.  You never know what’s going to happen between them telling you they are going to go sign up and when they actually do.

If you have any problems, there is a chat function on the website where you can chat with Avon Customer Service. Or you can call Avon at 866-513-2866.

You can even 3-way your new potential representative into the Avon Customer Service phone number, and a Customer Service Representative will help you get them signed up.

Congratulations on Adding a New Team Member to Your Team!

You’re doing a great job, and are on your way to building a strong Avon business!

Now plug them into the getting started training on this website to help them get off to a great start.

You might also consider sending them a Welcome Kit to help them get started. In fact, I strongly suggest it. This gets them going right away, so they don’t have to wait for their starter kit to come from Avon.

And then you’ll want to plug them into your getting started series of emails to get them off to a great start.  Here are the ones I created.  You can use them as is, or modify them to meet your needs.

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How Do I Sign Up A New Avon Representative On My Team?

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