How Does A Customer Order From A Prior Campaign On Our Online St

How Does A Customer Order From A Prior Campaign On Our Online Store?

How Does A Customer Order From A Prior Campaign On Our Online Store?

If your customer goes online to place an order on your online store, but the website has moved over to the next campaign, did you know that your customer can still get the pricing from the prior two campaigns?

Just like we can backorder two campaigns as representatives, so can your customer.

The way to get pricing from a prior campaign is to use the Shop by Product Number feature on your website.

Up at the top of the page, you’ll see a link that says “Product #.” They will want to click on that.

How to Shop by Product Number

Now you will be given a form where you can choose the Campaign for each product you want to order.

Simply click on the arrow next to the Campaign Number, and change it to the campaign you want.

Then input the Product Number and Quantity. The system will auto-fill the description.

Choose The Campaign You Want

If you don’t know the product number, you can search by entering all or part of the product name into the ‘Product Name’ field below, and clicking ‘Search’.

Click the ‘Add’ button in the search results popup window to add the selected item number to the above order form.

And then you’ll still be able to choose the Campaign you want to order it from.

Search by Product Name

If you prefer to shop the Online Brochure, or if you don’t have a catalog in front of you, simply click on BROCHURE at the top of the page. You will only be able to view the current brochure using this method.

How to Shop by Product Number

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