How Our Habits Affect Our Avon Business!

How Our Habits Affect Our Avon Business!

How Our Habits Affect Our Avon Business!

Our Avon business success will not be determined by what we DO. It is determined by what we START.

Building a successful business is first about building successful HABITS. Our current HABITS have gotten us exactly what we have today. It’s the things we think about all day long and the things we do all day long that determine our current place in life.

Let’s talk About 5 Habits that Build and 5 Habits that Destroy:

5 Habits that Build:

  • Growing Your Mind – Dreaming (exercise your dream muscles)
  • Growing Yourself – Expand your vision and beliefs through personal development. Read books and listen to audios. Your income will grow as a direct result of your personal growth.
  • Growing Your Network – Meet and get to know new people each week.
  • Growing Your Sales And Your Team – Expose new people to the business daily – both as customers and recruits.
  • Growing Your Influence – Mastering ‘Leverage’ (master the tools of leverage). This comes with success. As your success grows, so does your belief. As your belief grows, so does your stature, etc.

Frustration is usually found in people that aren’t growing. When you are growing, you’re excited and not frustrated. When you have hope you are expanding and not dying.

Hope comes through personal development. Hope and frustration don’t live in the same space. Either you are growing or you are dying.

Personal Growth ALWAYS precedes business growth.

5 Habits that Destroy:

  • Quit Watching Television – The #1 Killer of Success (The average Family watches 30 hours of TV per week! Turn it off. Break this habit! 2 hours per day working your business is only 12 hours per week.
  • Quit Complaining – the types of people you want to attract are not complainers. Complainers drive people away. Don’t be one. If you are one it could be why your group is not growing. Kill this habit!
  • Quit Beating Yourself Up – Rather than being upset with yourself for not doing it, just get busy and start doing it! It’s more effective to just become aware of what you’re not doing, and then put a plan into action to change that.
  • Quit Blaming your Circumstances, the Economy or Your Upline for Your Lack of Success – You either fly or you die. Eagles don’t have a choice if they want to thrive. They MUST fly or they die. Be an eagle!
  • Quit quitting – You won’t be successful sitting on the fence. It actually can be quite painful. Are you in or are you out?? Are you quitting on yourself and your team?
    The biggest one is the number of times you ‘question’ yourself because you doubt whether you can do it. This is the same as quitting on yourself. Stop it!  Doubting yourself is not a formula for success – another reason why personal development is so important.
    Stop quitting on yourself. Break this habit NOW! It doesn’t serve you. You’ll have good days and bad days. It’s part of life. It’s not a reflection on you or Avon. Keep falling forward and embrace the ups and the downs.

The best way to get started is to become aware. Start to notice what you’re doing right and what you could improve on.

This isn’t about judging yourself or feeling guilty about doing something that’s not helping your business. Instead, you want to become aware of the habits you have and the thoughts that run through your mind.

Then focus on the habits listed in this post. Some of the things in this post might be easy and others may be difficult to cultivate. But just keep at it. It might take multiple tries before you change your mindset – we’re all human after all.

But with consistent effort, you’ll soon be a superstar Avon Representative!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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