How To Be An Avon Brand Ambassador

How To Be An Avon Brand Ambassador

How To Be An Avon Brand Ambassador

Are you looking to Sell Avon Online and become an Avon Brand Ambassador?

Well, then, you’re in luck!

As an Avon Representative, you already are a Brand Ambassador.

Brand Ambassadors earn money when they successfully get people to purchase products from the company using their personal promo code, aka your Avon Online Store.

Growing your Avon business is pretty simple.

There are only 4 main steps:

  1. Prospecting for new customers & recruits.
  2. Getting a brochure (either paper or digital) to every customer every campaign.
  3. Following up with every customer you gave a brochure to every campaign before you place your order.
  4. Take the order, submit it to Avon and deliver to your customer, or send them to your Avon Online Store to place their order

And then Rinse and Repeat.

It’s really that simple. You just do these 4 steps over and over again, and you will have a strong Avon business.

We have our Daily 8 System to help you work on the activities that will help you grow your business.

The Daily 8 system is a proven formula

When followed consistently, the Daily 8 Plan will help you maintain the consistency required to build a thriving team and an exponentially expanding residual income.

Instead of working 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, your goal is to capture 8 POINTS a day, 5 days a week for a total of 40 POINTS per week.

Print this sheet and use it to track your weekly points.

Follow this plan consistently for 90-days and teach your team to do the same. At the end of 90 days, REPEAT and then REPEAT again. This is your Daily Method of operation.

The real secret to your Avon Business success is that there is NO SECRET!

It simply takes a simple plan and the dedication and commitment to WORK THE PLAN consistently! That’s it!

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Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re on our Avon team or not, we welcome you & invite you to join in. 🙂

Today We’ll Talk About Being An Avon Brand Ambassador

The really cool thing about social media is it allows you to influence an online community to purchase Avon from you.

And then you earn a commission on all the sales.

The best brand ambassadors are those who already know and love a brand.

Being an Avon Brand Ambassador begins as becoming a cheerleader for your Avon products: posting about them online, recommending them to all of your friends, and promoting the brand naturally.

There are many ways to promote your Avon business, but here are a few ideas:

    • Sharing your Avon Digital Brochure on social media and text/email lists
    • Inviting your social media followers to watch the newest Avon Live Shopping Experience
    • Posting about a product on your social media platforms
    • Inviting friends to events via social media sites
    • Posting on online message boards or chat groups
    • Reviewing a product or service on your blog
    • Writing reviews on customer review sites

How To Be A Brand Ambassador

Post Relatable & Authentic Content

Once you’ve decided you want to be a brand ambassador, you’ll want to focus on creating content.

While you certainly do not have to be an expert photographer or videographer, familiarizing yourself with relevant skills and tools will help boost the quality of your content.

Educate yourself on the latest video editing tools, brush up on some basic graphic design skills, and look to friends who may be able to assist you in the areas where you could use support.

Make sure the content you post is exciting for your followers.

The more compelling your content is, the better.

Stories have always been one of the most effective ways to connect with people.

This desire to share one’s story and be surrounded by listeners is what makes social media so powerful.

The more authentic your content feels, the higher your engagement will be.

This can be key for gaining traction at the beginning of your ambassador journey.

Almost all of your content can easily be created with Canva or InVideo.

Get Your Audience Involved

Encourage your followers or people you meet to share their own experiences, ask questions, post comments, and reply to as many as you can.

You can even host in-person meet-ups in a public place like a cafe or shopping mall to communicate with your followers in person.

Going Live on Facebook will serve the same purpose.

The key is to have an interactive, individual touch that will draw in more followers and make your existing followers more likely to engage with your social media profiles positively.

Build Engagement

Earning likes and comments on your social media posts—which boosts engagement and lets you develop a good reputation in your community—is an excellent way to grow your Avon business.

On social media, this means getting a following by writing engaging posts and posting exciting photos.

To grow your following, consider also commenting on well-known pages or blogs.

In addition, be sure to reply to the messages and comments you receive on your profile.

This is another good way to enhance your online following.

Create A Following

Establish the largest following you possibly can.

Boost your number of subscribers and followers on social media.

The more followers you have who engage with you and your posts, the more money you will earn as an Avon Brand Ambassador.

Create A Cohesive Online Personality

Let your personality shine through.

Design social media content that reflects a cohesive tone, look, and set of interests.

This could include styling your wardrobe in a specific way or taking photos that reflect a unified look or a specific interest, such as a love for travel or a particular genre of music.

It’s your personal traits, and your personality, that will attract the right people to you – People who are more like you and can relate to you.

Pay Attention to What Works

What content is garnering the most engagement?

Do your videos perform better than photos?

What kind of language are you using to engage your audience?

What language are you using that is resonating with your followers?

Once you determine what trends you are seeing, it’s important to double down on what’s working and scale back on what isn’t.

Consistency is key because if your responses to comments, captions on your own posts, or even comments on other posts look like they are written from many different points of view, that poses an identity issue.

Create lists of common phrases or words that speak to you. and how you want your voice to be seen across various social channels so you can always refer back to those central grounding points.

Stay Motivated

Lastly, the ambassador process by no means happens overnight.

It can take months, if not years, to reach a level of comfort within the ambassador space.

But it’s vital that you do not get discouraged.

Remember to be yourself and act professionally– because the minute your first sale comes in, the next won’t be far behind.

Here are some action items you can take to stay motivated in the process of becoming a brand ambassador:

  • Post every day
  • Reply daily to your comments
  • Engage with your DM’s daily
  • Spend 10-20 minutes a day researching & reading about Avon and the products you want to promote.
  • Be a self-starter, take initiative and be confident in all you do & say online

Key Takeaways

Think of yourself as a bridge between Avon and the public.

Your job as an Avon Brand Ambassador is to spread positive messages about the brand so that they can reach new audiences in an authentic manner.

Keep in mind that your authenticity is what will allow you to succeed as a brand ambassador.

After all, you may not have an influencer-sized following, but you do have real influence with your friends who trust you for advice and recommendations.

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How To Be An Avon Brand Ambassador

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