How To Create A Really Cool Virtual Door Prize Slip

How To Create A Really Cool Virtual Drawing Slip

How To Create A Really Cool Virtual Drawing Slip

We all know how important it is to get contact information any time we can.  A Drawing Slip can really help with that.

We’ve done lots of trainings on how to use a Drawing Slip to collect contact information.

We’ve talked about using them as you go door to door. You’ve learned about setting up prize drawings around town, and we’ve even talked about using Drawing Slips when doing a booth or table at an event.

So today I want to show you a really cool way to create a Virtual Drawing Slip!

This is something you can use online for Facebook Parties, on your Facebook Page, or even something you can use in person on your phone or tablet as you’re out and about!

You might be surprised. What we’re using for this is Google Forms! Google offers the most amazing sales lead system ever!

This magical form can save you time, while generating leads for new customers, new hosts for our Facebook Parties, and new recruits!

How cool is that!

So Let’s Get Into The Training…

Google has provided a totally done-for-you system! They make it as easy as can be.

You can customize your form by adding whatever questions you want, you can add pictures… can literally design whatever you want!

Update:  Since Avon started promoting going totally Digital, I edited my drawing form to have this new question.  Instead of asking if they would like a brochure in the mail, I ask how they would like to receive their brochure.

I give them options, so I can best serve them.  And it helps me get people used to receiving their brochure digitally.

How would you prefer to receive the Avon Catalog?

Google even has pre-made templates that you can start with, including Party Invites, Order Forms and Contact Forms, which you can edit to meet your needs.

They even have some fun animated themes, from a backyard party scene complete with balloons moving in the wind, or champagne flutes with moving bubbles!

When someone fills out your Drawing Slip, Google puts all the information in a spreadsheet to make it easy for you to keep track and follow-up with your prospects.

You can easily copy your form to create another for a different purpose. No need to recreate the entire form again. 🙂

And they’ll even let you know when someone fills it out!

Here Are A Couple Of Things That You Might Want To Add To Your Virtual Drawing Slip:

To do this, first off, click on the settings icon at the top right of the form:

Google Forms Settings

You might want to require email address. 

By clicking on General Settings, you can select “Collect email addresses.”  This way gmail makes sure it is in the right format when they type it in.

Google Forms Presentation Settings

If you’re using this at an event, you’ll want to be able to submit one form after another so each person will have a clean form to fill out.

Click on Presentation Settings, and Check “Show link to submit another response.”

Google Forms Presentation Settings

Now That You’ve Created Your Virtual Drawing Slip, What Are You Going To Do With It?

Here are just a few ideas:

Customer Feedback:

When was the last time you surveyed your customers to find out exactly what they might be interested in?

Facebook and Home Parties:

Obviously the link is perfect for Facebook parties. But even with home parties, you can have a tablet there to collect the information. Or send the link to each person at the party to have them fill it out on their phone.

And… you can even send a link to anyone who was not able to be at the party live. Post it on the Facebook Event page, and double the amount of leads you’re getting at parties.

Vendor Events:

This could possibly make you the coolest vendor at a vendor event! Have a couple of tablets out and ready for people to fill out your drawing slips, and you won’t have to worry about deciphering their handwriting when you get home!

If you’re doing a prize drawing at the show, just hand out old-school raffle tickets to everyone who fills out your Drawing Slip so you can still do a traditional prize drawing at the show.

Team Survey:

Create a form for your new Representative to find out their why, goals, dreams, strengths, etc. Or use it for an application to join your special training program.

And more…

What ideas do you have? Please share in the comments below.

If Wi-Fi isn’t an option where you are, consider using your personal hotspot on your phone to provide Wi-Fi to your tablets!

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How To Create A Really Cool Virtual Door Prize Slip

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