How To Create Your Own Social Media Videos With WeVideo

How To Create Your Own Social Media Videos With WeVideo

How To Create Your Own Social Media Videos With WeVideo

When posting to social media, videos get more shares than text and just images combined!

Also, more people view, tag & comment on videos than on other types of media.  In fact, a third of all online activity is now spent watching video.

So, it makes sense for us to use video as we’re marketing our Avon business as well.

Avon provides videos we can use in Avon Social, and those are great videos to use.

But if you want to be just a little more unique and be able to share videos with your own personal flair, creating your own videos is a great way to do that.


If you’re not using video to market your Avon business, you are leaving a lot of money, conversions, and engagement on the table.

There are many programs available for purchase, or online that you can use to create video.  Some are free but come with very limited features.

I have tried many different video platforms and have finally settled on WeVideo.  This is my favorite, and the one I use for the majority of my videos today.

In the video above, I show you how I use WeVideo to create my marketing/promo videos.

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Some of the features I love most about WeVideo is the wide variety of ways to add headlines.

This gives you the ability to create more than a slideshow video where you have to have an image, and then text on the next slide, and then an image.

Instead, WeVideo gives you the ability to layer as many layers you would like in each video.  So, you can have text transition into the slide, and then more text, and then even more if you would like on the same slide.

Here are just some of the things you can do when you create your own videos:

Facebook Video Ad/Post

Roll out our latest products with a memorable, bite-sized video ad. Personalize it with your own images for even more power.

Instagram video promo

Show off your best reviews on Instagram. Generate excitement with eye-catching transitions and product photos that can be shared as Instagram posts or Stories.

How-to Video for YouTube or Facebook

Make a helpful step-by-step tutorial that shows viewers how to get more value from your products. Or share with them the products you personally use and how you use them.  Then, post on Facebook or YouTube.

Your first video may take a little longer as you learn the process.  But stick with it, create your own videos, and soon you will become a pro!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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