How to Create Your own WordPress Blog

How to Create Your own WordPress Blog

How to Create Your own WordPress Blog

If you’re going to market your business online, a blog can be very helpful.

One thing I do want to point out is that although a blog will certainly help you get more customers and recruits, it can also take some time to setup and to get going.

It’s best that you just get started on your business. You can share information to Facebook to start getting the word out. Then start creating your blog during your downtime.

Remember, you don’t get paid for tinkering with your blog.

You only get paid when customers buy or you build a team.

On that same note, it is absolutely NOT a requirement to have a blog unless you’re looking to build a BIG business online. Remember, you get to choose how to build your business.

Just for clarity, the difference between a Blog and a Website is that a blog is just a website, but it has the added feature of blog posts – almost like keeping a journal – that you can post to at certain intervals.

A website can end up being stagnant because the information is there and never changes. A blog is always updated and fresh, and the more regularly you post to your blog, and the more blog posts you have, the more the search engines will love you.

All those blog posts means more pages to get picked up by the search engines.

So here is a video I created on how to create your own WordPress Blog:


A couple of things I mentioned in the blog:

Since I created this video, I have moved my hosting to SiteGround.  It is extremely fast and reliable, and that was the most important thing to me.

The link to get a discount on your new hosting with SiteGround –

In the video I mentioned that I use the Thesis Theme.  I no longer use that.  Now I use Astra and Love it.  I also use Elementor, which is a page builder and helps your website look great.  There are free and paid versions for both of these.  I use the paid version of both.  You can decide what features you need.

You can get free blogs at or I don’t use these platforms and so I can’t teach on them. I’m sure you can Google how to create a blog on those platforms, or they will have and information when you sign up.

Remember… Don’t put a whole lot of effort into this just yet. Just get your website up and running for now. Your website will grow and change with you. It’s more important that you spend your time building your business rather than tinkering with your website.  And then tinker with your website after hours or when you have extra free time.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber