How to Follow-up, Work and Convert Your Avon Prospect Leads

How to Follow-up, Work and Convert Your Avon Prospect Leads

As you are out and about your day, you’ll meet a lot of people.  I hope you’re starting conversations as much as possible, asking them if they’d like to learn more about selling Avon, and getting their contact information.

There are lots of other ways to get leads too:

  • You can work a booth or table at a local vendor fair.
  • You can setup a Breast Cancer Table at a local store.
  • You can utilize various methods of advertising.
  • You can buy leads from companies that advertise home business opportunities.
  • And here’s a post that goes into some other ideas.

When you collect contact information, this is pure gold.  It’s crucial that you take full advantage of this valuable personal information they have given you.

If the person is interested in being a customer, be sure to plug them into your customer follow-up.  Here’s a post about how to automate those follow-ups, allowing you to provide the best customer service to your new customers.

If the person is interested in selling Avon, you will want to plug them into your recruiting pipeline, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

As you find people who are interested in more information about selling Avon, these people are leads for your business.

Regardless of how each lead came to me, I work them the same.  If I met them at the grocery store, when I get home I immediately start with my follow-ups.  If I found them online, same thing, immediately start with your follow-ups.

Based on the actual conversation you had with a specific person, you might personalize the contact for them, but otherwise it’s totally OK to just use the system you have setup.


Important Tips before you get started:

I contact my leads as soon as possible – within minutes if I can, but definitely within 12 hours. If it’s late at night, I will at least get an email out to them immediately and call them the next day.

I use 4 methods of communication – I call them, text them, email them, and I send postcards series over time.

There are many options for postcards.  I use SendOutCards, but you can also purchase them from VistaPrint, Town & Country, or you can even print your own on card stock.  Here is a post showing you some of my cards so you can use my images to create your own.

Keep track of your leads:

Many Avon Representatives print their leads and keep track of them that way. I use an online CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) program called Big Contacts which helps me stay on top of my follow-ups and record every conversation.  There are lots of CRMs available out there, and so if this interests you, find one that works for you.

You can also use your Customer Address book in your Avon Web Office at, or you can use your gmail or other email account to manage them.  Find a way to keep track of your leads that works for you and use it consistently.

What I do:

When I receive a lead, the first thing I do is call them. The majority of leads will not answer the phone because they don’t know my number or who I am. That’s totally okay. I’ve also found that many leads don’t want to talk to a person. They just want to get signed up. So leave a message. My message is short and always the same on the first call. This is what I say:

Hi, this is Lynn with Avon. I’m giving you a call because you requested more information about being an Avon Representative. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Please give me a call. I’m also going to text you my contact information, and send you an email with more information. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day/evening.

Then I immediately send a follow-up text. I use an amazing service called Shuffle that really helps me.

Shuffle is an app that allows you to create a virtual business card and share it with your contacts. It’s kind of like the 21st century equivalent of handing someone a physical business card – but better!

Here is a link to my virtual business card so you can see it live. There’s also an option on there if you want to create one of your own.  Tip:  If you decide to use Shuffle, if you change the quantity of cards to 1 when you checkout, the cost is free.

If you want, you can add the lead to your Shuffle account, create a unique link for them.  By doing this, you will be able to see if they clicked on it or not.

I personally don’t use a custom link any longer.  I just use the untrackable link, and this is the message I text them:

Hi ___, This is Lynn with Avon. You requested information about an Avon business? Or want to buy products? I’m here to help you. Here is my business card with all the links you need – (My shuffle link)

Then I also send an email with the subject: Name, Thanks for your interest in Avon. The email is a little long, but I’m getting very good response from it. Lisa Wilber shared this email with me, so I want to give her credit here.  I have updated it based on the new 2020 Comp Plan.  Click here to download it.

And I add them to my SendOutCards account and send postcards over time. You can see the cards I send here.

Once all four of these tasks are completed, I document them in my Contact Manager and I schedule Text #2 in 3 days.

My Text/Email Scripts:

Then I follow the schedule below for my follow-ups, and you can download my scripts here.

For those of you who don’t have Microsoft Word, you can download a pdf copy here.

My Schedule:

  • I alternate between emails and texts every week for the following: Email #2, Text #3, Email #3, Text #4, and Email #4.  I also send postcards at the same time I send Texts.
  • Then I alternate between emails and texts every 2 weeks for Text #5, Email #5, Text #6, Email #6, Text #7, Email #7, Text #8, and Email #8. I also send postcards at the same time I send Texts.
  • Then I alternate between emails and texts every 3 weeks for Text #9, Email #9, Text #10, Email #10, Text #11, Email #11, Text #12, and Email #12.  I also send postcards at the same time I send Texts.
  • After I’ve gone through all my follow-ups, I’ll continue to followup with a postcard, text or email every month until I’m told to stop.

Be sure to document every contact in your Contact Manager.

Of course if they respond, or you get the opportunity to talk with them, be sure to take it. And then use your judgment as far as what to do next for follow-up. It’s always a good idea to ask them. I might say something like, “How would you like me to follow-up,” or “When should I contact you next.” They’ll tell you.

I hope you have success with this method as I am.

Of course you can and should edit the scripts to what fits you and your personality. There is no exact perfect way to do the follow-ups.  The most important thing is to be consistent.

I believe it’s the consistency of having systems that helps you find the most success.

Now you have a schedule.  No longer do you have to play in your head, “Is it too early to contact them?”  Instead you can look at what the next follow-up is, do it, and move on to the next.  Easy-peazy!

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t appoint a lot of these leads. You won’t get them all, but with a little effort and follow-up you will get many of them. Remember, in any sales situation, 80% of all sales are made on the 5th to 12th follow-up. So be consistent, stick with it, and you will grow your business.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber