How To Get Over Your Live Video Nervousness

How To Get Over Your Live Video Nervousness

How To Get Over Your Live Video Nervousness

For most of us, it takes practice and lots of experience to get relatively comfortable appearing on live video.

Many of us suffer from sweaty palms, racing heart, and butterflies just thinking about going live.

If you’re letting these get in the way of your video making dreams, now is the time to let that go.

We all get nervous doing live video.

Even those of us who love public speaking, or who appear natural on video, are often nervous.

We’re shaking on the inside, and we’re afraid of how we’ll come across.

We’ve just found a way to deal with our fear and have learned how to make it work for us.

Practice Makes Perfect

The first time you do anything, you’re probably going to be nervous – especially if it’s in public.

The only way to lessen the fear is to do it.

And do it again. And again. And again.

So not only should you practice your live, or webinar, or speech ahead of time, you also just have to do it.

Get on the stage – whether virtual or real – as often as you possibly can.

Take every opportunity to appear on video, or even on stage.

For even more practice in a supportive environment, join a group like Toastmasters.

They provide a safe place to get used to speaking in front of a live audience.

No Pressure

Most times, we are our own worst critic.

Sometimes, the worst judgment comes from our own head.

Don’t allow that voice to beat you up.  There’s no need to pressure yourself to be perfect.

And there’s certainly no need to berate yourself for all those small mistakes you make.

Instead, acknowledge that no one is perfect, that you’re doing your best, and that you’re getting better every time to do it – because you definitely are!

Love yourself and know that there’s no need to be perfect.  In fact, your followers will respond to the real you much better than the “perfect” you.

Just Be You on Live Video

We watch professional news anchors, actors and others who seem to be poised and polished on every video, and we think that’s what we have to be.

But that’s not true!  Especially on a Facebook Live!

Your audience wants to get to know you better.

YOU… not the person you think you should be.

So be your fun-loving, mistake-making, self-forgiving self.

It will resonate so much better with your audience that everything else will be easier as a result.

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How To Get Over Your Live Video Nervousness

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Lynn Huber

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