How To Get The Most Out Of Your YouTube Channel

How To Get The Most Out Of Your YouTube Channel

How To Get The Most Out Of Your YouTube Channel

I know that creating videos might be scary for some Avon Representatives, and maybe you don’t know how to use YouTube to promote your business.

But really there’s nothing to worry about and here’s why: the most popular videos on YouTube are NOT professional videos. They’re just a girl or a guy that gets in front of a camera and talks about what they know best.

In fact, the more real you are… the more YOU, you are… the more people will relate to you and like your video.

YouTube videos help people feel like they are getting to know you, just like if you were to meet them in person.

So once you’ve got your YouTube Channel setup, start posting useful, engaging content. Don’t worry; you’ll get better the more you do it.

But it’s not enough just to post videos, hoping your prospects will automatically find them, you’ve still got to do some work so that your videos will be seen.

Here are some tips to help you get your videos seen by more people:

1 – Be Sure Your Profile is Complete

Just like on your Facebook Business Page, you want your profile to be complete… especially the “About” tab. Make sure people know how to reach you, shop in your online store, and even sign up to sell Avon.

2 – Use Plenty of Keywords

Use keywords in your profile, your video title, description and tags. This is what will make you and your content come up when people are searching for something. Important note though – don’t stuff keywords just for the sake of getting them in, or YouTube will have a problem with it. You want it to look natural.

Search for the most popular videos in your market and then copy the tags they have listed. This will increase the likelihood your video will be listed under “suggestions” when someone views that video.

3 – Be Sure to Choose the Best Thumbnail Image

When editing your YouTube video, you will be given an option to choose which image you want for your video thumbnail, or you can even upload a different one.

You want to select the thumbnail that will get you the most attention. Be sure that your thumbnail is relevant to your message, but one that will be noticed when someone is browsing the search results.

4 – Deliver Value First

YouTube is a social sharing site. People are there to learn new things, but also to engage with others. It’s not a good idea to immediately pitch your products to people who don’t know you.

So when you’re creating your videos, be sure to provide value. Whether you’re explaining how a product works, or how to use it… you’re giving good value-providing content.

If you’ve done your job correctly, they will come back to you when they’re ready to buy.

5 – Be Sure to Add Your Links to the Video Description

Even though your video is not all about just selling products, and you are working to provide value, you will want to make sure to include your links in the description.

Put your Avon Online Store link as the first thing in the description so people can click on it and visit your website. Also, be sure to mention that they can sign up to sell Avon, with instructions, and the Online Store Link again.

6 – Promote Your Videos

After you’ve done everything you can to get noticed on YouTube, be sure to also promote your video on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform you use.

Just like we talked about on our last post, you can also ask people to like and share your video to be entered into a contest, or whatever you want to offer.

When I create my Animoto Campaign Slideshow videos, they are published on YouTube, and then I also share them on Facebook.

Growing your Avon business on YouTube isn’t so difficult; in fact, it’s very doable.

It just takes some time, commitment, and consistency. Keep posting new videos and work to deliver value, while you remain very social.

Before long, your authority will be established and you’ll start to gain a following.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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