How to Host A Facebook Party For Your Avon Business

How to Host A Facebook Party For Your Avon Business

How to Host A Facebook Party For Your Avon Business

Let’s talk about how you can utilize Facebook Parties to really grow your Avon Business.

Facebook Parties are a great method that you can use to get more sales and customers and new representatives to your team, just like home parties are.

Having a Facebook Party doesn’t mean you’re going to get rich right away.

But that’s not to say you can’t become really good at it and build a big online Facebook business. It takes work, just like anything else. You’ll probably need to go through some growing pains and work towards getting better and better at doing these parties.

Facebook parties will help you get more customers for your business, as well help you sign up new Avon Representatives on your team.

Watch the training here:

So now that you’ve seen how it’s done in the video above, the next thing you’ll want to do is define your script.

Once you’ve figured out your script and created your posts, you’ll be able to use them over and over for many parties.

So here is a plan that you can use, with suggested posts that you can run with, and then I suggest you find your own images to fit that.

Or better yet, create your own images on Canva. It’s really easy to do, and your parties can have your own personality.

Click here to download a PDF Version of this Party Script.

Facebook Party Script


  • Create your Facebook Group 5-7 days prior to the live event.
  • Group Name – Include Name of Host and Party Time.
  • Privacy Settings – Closed Group
  • Be sure to use a fun cover photo to catch their attention.
  • Be sure to list Party Details in the Group Description.
  • Coach your Hostess – NEVER add people to a group without their consent
  • Add your Hostess to the group and make her a Moderator so she can begin inviting people.


  • 1-2 a day leading up to the live event.
    • Introduction & Welcome.
    • Say something nice about the Hostess.
    • Post about how to earn points & where to place orders.
    • A post introducing yourself and your story – video is great/selfie.
  • “Today is the Day” Post.
  • Countdown Reminder Post 2 hours before live event.
  • Countdown Reminder Post 15 minutes before live event.

Party Time!

  • Welcome to the Live Party post.
    • Greet every new attendee.
  • Engagement Post (photo or video).
    • Ask questions – what’s your favorite product, A/B/C/D question, anything that gets them engaging and responding.
  • 2-3 Product Posts – My favorites!
  • Video explaining a Product
  • Let’s Shop – Link to Custom Album
    Be sure to include shopping links
    with the images.
  • Engagement Post
  • Video Explaining the Avon Opportunity
  • Engagement Post
    • Ask me any question
  • Join my VIP Group
  • Host a Party
  • Thank the Guests & Host
    • Post Party Poll

Feel free to explore more ideas use your imagination, and change it any way that you see fit for your own business.

In the video I talked about an online Post Scheduling tool that I use and gave you a link to get a special deal. The program is called CinchShare.

CinchShare makes it easy to create and post to multiple Facebook parties in seconds! And it has now replaced all of the other tools I have been using.

With CinchShare you have the ability to pre-schedule all of your posts for your party AND you can Batch Post and reschedule your party posts to a new party in less than one minute and use them again and again!

They also have a feature that allows you to quickly find and replace the name of hostess, party links or any other words on the new party.

Because of CinchShare, I am going to cancel all my other social media posting tools. Before I found CinchShare, I needed 3 different tools to do everything I needed. Why pay for all of them when CinchShare does it all for only $100/year or $10/month!?!

And, I have a special deal for you… when you signup using my link, use code: CSFree to receive an additional 30 days added to your 14-day trial, for a total of 44 days free!

Note:  If you have an upline in Avon, please check with them to ask if they have a CinchShare link before using mine.  They can offer you the same deal.

Test Party

We have a test party we did for our team.  It is in a Facebook Group, which you’ll need to apply to join.  As part of that, you will be asked a couple of questions.

The idea is for you to see how a real party flows.  If you want to check out the party, click here.

I ask that you do not copy my text word for word.  You are welcome to use any of the posts, but please edit the wording to make it your own.  The same is true for my pictures.  Most of them you won’t want because they have my website on them anyway. 

Again, I’m totally ok with you copying my images, but to go Canva and create your own.  The reason for this is Facebook gets freaked out, especially when the same posts & images are used over and over by different people.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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