How To Include A Coupon Code In Your Avon Online Store Links

How To Include A Coupon Code In Your Avon Online Store Links

How To Include A Coupon Code In Your Avon Online Store Links

When promoting my Avon business online, I work to make it as easy as possible for my potential customer to buy from me.

For that reason, I rarely use a link directly to my online store.  Instead I target it based on what I’m looking to accomplish.

When I send people to a product on my Avon Online store, I always take the time to make sure I’m sending them directly to that product instead of just to my Online Store Address.

People’s attention span online is very short and sending people to your online store asking them to find the product themselves, could cause you to lose the sale when they don’t find it quickly.

When you send them directly to the product you are promoting, and if you can even make it easier for them by including the Coupon Code, you’ve created an easy shopping experience for your customer.

When you look at an Avon store link, especially if you’ve clicked through an email from Avon, there are lots of pieces to each link.  It can get confusing.

Let’s First Look at the Basics of your Avon Store Link

To find the link to a product in your Avon Online Store, it’s really pretty easy.  All you have to do to share it is to copy and paste the web address.

Open up a browser window and go to your Avon Online Store.  Navigate to the product page you want to share.  Once you’re at the page that has the item you want to share, just go up to the URL, copy the link and share it.

You can copy the link from any page on your website – whether it’s a product page, a category page, or even a search page.

Select or Highlight the URL (the website address) at the top of the page:

Select or Highlight the URL (the website address) at the top of

This is the link that you will share.  Select all the text in that link by dragging your mouse over it, or triple-clicking on it, or even right-clicking on it and choosing, “select all.”

Copy that link.

Notice the end of the link on the image above says ?rep=lynnhuber.  It might also say ?rep=YourAcct#.

This is very important because that is what tells the computer that this is your Online Store and not another Avon Representative.  Making sure that little bit of text is in the link will guarantee that your customers are sent directly to YOUR store so that when they make a purchase, you will get the credit.

The ? just tells the Avon computer that there are more parameters coming.  And there can be a lot more than just your ID.

Warning, Technical info:  You don’t need to understand it exactly, just the overview of how it works.

If you were to click on a link from an email from Avon, you might see something like this:

Whew!  That’s a lot of information, right?  All of that information is telling Avon where they were advertising the product and where you clicked on the link from (which email or ad).  This gives them data so they can track what’s working.

In this example, all you need is the part before the ? and the rep=lynnhuber

You can copy it all if you want.  It won’t hurt anything.  But if you want a clean link, you can remove everything between the ? and your rep ID.

So, it can end up looking like this: rep=lynnhuber

And that’s the link you will want to share.

How to Add a Shopping Code to your Avon Online Store Link

You saw how the link can include all kinds of information.  Much of the extra information in the sample above is not relevant for you, so you can leave it or remove it, according to your preferences.

So, we can just add one more parameter to include a shopping code.

This makes your customer’s online shopping experience even easier because they code will automatically be in their cart and they don’t have to worry about adding it themselves.

It’s very easy to do.  All you need to do is add a little snippet of code at the end of your URL and it will automatically populate the Coupon Code Box in your customer’s Shopping Cart.

The little snippet is this:


The & just tells Avon’s computer that there’s another parameter to include in the link.  Code=COUPONCODE tells the computer what the code is.

Pretty easy, right?!?

Here are Some Examples:

Let’s say you’re sharing that Glimmer Shadow in the image above and you want to add the WELCOME10 Code for your new potential customer.

Then the link would look like this:

That’s it.  When your customer goes to check out, the 10% code will already be applied to their order, and they don’t need to input the code.

Welcome 10 Checkout

Right Now, Avon Flourish Honey Blossom is being pre-released.  The price is $28, but when you use the Code FLOURISH your customer can get it for only $15.99.

Here’s what the Flourish Code would look like:

When your customer goes to check out, the $15.99 price will already be applied to their order, and they don’t need to input the code.

Flourish Coupon Code

Important Notes

Be sure to use YOUR Store ID instead of lynnhuber.  Of course, I would appreciate any business you send to my store, but that wouldn’t help you.  🙂

Before giving a link to your customers, always make sure to test it first.

Avon is always changing their website, and so what works now, may not necessarily work in the future.  I will try to stay on top of any changes and update you as I learn about them.

So, to test it, create your link with the coupon code.  Test the link and see if it works by checking your Avon Shopping Bag!  Be sure to add something to your Shopping Bag, and then click on Check Out.  You’ll need to have an item or two in your bag in order to see the code  You can always delete the item after you’ve tested it.

Using a Link Shortener Before Sharing Your Link

In my mind, it’s always good to use a link shortener.  For me, mainly, I don’t want the extra parameters such as ?rep=lynnhuber to show up in the link.  It’s really more of an internal thing and not necessary for the customer to know.  Also, as you’ve seen, the Avon links can get pretty long.

If you are using Avon Social to share your links on Social Media, you may have noticed they have a Link Shortener.

Your links will look like

The is a server that manages shortened links, and the number after the domain tells it which link it is.  When someone clicks on that link, they will actually be sent to the long link that is attached to it.

Another service I like to use is  You can sign up for a free account, and is very easy to use to shorten your links.

Once you have a account, you can go to their website and input your long link and get a short link.  You can even customize the numbers at the end.  So, you could create a link that looks like for example.

Another great thing about which I just LOVE, is you can get a browser add on from  Once you have that installed, you just click on the button on your browser and immediately get the link. Browser Add-on

And, will also track clicks on your links for you so you can see what’s being clicked on.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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