How To Manage Your Avon Customers And Your Automated Systems Ove

How To Manage Your Avon Customers And Your Automated Systems Over Time

How To Manage Your Avon Customers And Your Automated Systems Over Time

You’ve been steadily working your business and it has grown.

You’ve used systems and tools to take the leg work out of many of the tasks you needed to perform so that you could focus on growing your business.

Over time you’ve added a lot of people to your system.  Now it’s time to manage your system so that you’re not just mailing brochures to people who don’t need or even want them.

So today I’m going to show you what I do to manage my systems, particularly my Campaign Mailer Account.

As I go about my day, I’ve met new people to add to my lists.  When I get home, I immediately add them to my Avon Contacts in my web office.  I add them to either Project Broadcast (If I have their cell phone number) or Dial My Calls (if their phone is a landline).  And I immediately add them to Campaign Mailer.

Also, as I go about my day, I might get emails or phone calls from people who are no longer interested in receiving a catalog, or to tell me that they’ve moved, or any other change.  I immediately go into Campaign Mailer and change their address or delete them from my list.

Doing this daily as I work my business ensures that everything is current and ready to go every campaign when I mail out my brochures from Campaign Mailer or send my text/phone message reminders that I’m getting ready to place my order.  It makes it very easy – I just login to the appropriate tool, schedule the mailing, text, phone message, etc. and everything is scheduled in a matter of seconds.

I maintain notes and track my customers’ orders in my Avon Address Book

As I go about my day, I make notes in my customer file in my Avon Address book as to what’s happening.

Note, for these examples, I am using a customer with my name so as to keep my customer’s information confidential.

When I first add my customer into Campaign Mailer, I make a note in the notes section of their contact, like this:

12/01/18 – Added to Campaign Mailer & Project Broadcast

Add Note To Contacts

If you place your orders by Customer name, you won’t need to log each customer order.  It should show up in their history.  If not, you’ll also want to make a note about each order.

Avon Customer - Order History Here is what I do to clean out Campaign Mailer.

I schedule a time at the beginning of each month to clean out my Campaign Mailer.  It’s an activity I have scheduled on my calendar.

Typically, I will mail brochures to someone for 3 months if they were someone I got from an event or someone who gave me their contact information when I met them.

If they have placed an order with me, I will typically mail brochures to them for 4 months.

This is not set in stone.  It depends on how many people I have on my list, and sometimes even the mood I’m in at the time. ?

I open my browser, and I have two windows open – My Avon Address Book in one window, and My Campaign Mailer in the other window.

I go to the Campaign Mailer window and look at the first name in the list.

Then I go back to my other window and pull up that person in my Avon Address Book

I look at the notes I have written and the orders that have been placed.

If they have placed an order, or it hasn’t yet been 3 months and I want to keep them on my Campaign Mailer list…

I just go back to Campaign Mailer and move to the next person.

If it has been too long and I want to remove them from my Campaign Mailer list…

First, I make a note in my Avon Contact, something like…

02/16/19 – Removed from Campaign Mailer

Add Note - Remove from Campaign Mailer

Then I go back to the Campaign Mailer Screen and delete the contact.  I just delete them.  There’s no reason to keep them on your Campaign Mailer list if you’re not mailing brochures to them.  If need be, you can always add them back in later.

Now I move to the next person and repeat the process for each person.

Important, when I remove someone from Campaign Mailer, I always add them to my Digital Brochure Text list.  That way I at least stay in touch with them.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, but I promise, it’s not that bad.  You’ll get a rhythm going and you can go through hundreds of people in just 30-60 minutes.

Once this is done, you’re all cleaned up and ready to go again for your next mailing.

Additional Thoughts

It seems that every time I go through and delete customers, many of them magically come back and place an order.  It’s actually quite hilarious… sometimes I think I should just not do a mailing one time and I’ll get lots of orders.  HaHa! But don’t press your luck!  Just know that somehow taking them off your list may result in an order.

If that happens, and someone places an order who after you’ve removed them from your list, just go back into your Avon contacts, make another note that you’ve added them back in and that they’ve placed an order, and add them back into Campaign Mailer.

I strongly suggest you make a note every time something happens with a customer – no matter what it is.  That way you’ll have a history and easily be able to see what’s been going on with that contact.

You might have notes such as, “Moved – new address…” or “Asked me to stop mailing until xx date)… or even, “Favorite fragrance, Imari.

I do not clean out my text or phone lists.  If they haven’t asked me to take them off, I keep them on.  These are not expensive like Campaign Mailer can be if you don’t manage it.

I figure that maybe they’ll come back if I just stay in touch with them once a campaign.  And you never know, they don’t have to have a brochure in their hand to place an order. ?

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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