How To Order Avon Brochures

How To Order Avon Brochures

How To Order Avon Brochures

As an Avon Representative, your Avon Catalog/Brochure is the most important tool in your business. This catalog is your store – it’s where your customers go to shop.

If you do not have catalogs to give out, people will not be able to shop with you.

Even if you plan to build your business online, your customers will still very much appreciate receiving a catalog from you. Most people prefer to have something to hold in their hands, and the catalog makes is much easier for them to shop from.

I use a service to mail my Avon catalogs to my online customers. It saves me lots of time, but still gives my customers that high-tech/high-touch experience from me as their Avon Representative.

The key to building your online business is to get your customers coming to your website again and again.

When your customer receives that catalog in the mail, it works like a subconscious call to your website. They look at the brochure, and then want to go online and place their order.

Your Avon catalogs are also a great tool to use to gain new customers and recruits. It is a great tool to hand out to people you meet as you go about your day, and also to leave in waiting rooms, on your car in a store parking lot, on people’s doorsteps, etc.

This is why it is very important to make sure every catalog has your contact information as well as a recruiting flyer or label.

The more you get your business out there, the easier it will be to grow your business.

When you order Avon Catalogs, you order them in packs of 10. The more you order, the more you will save in discount pricing.  (Note, this is the pricing at the time of this post.  You’ll want to verify current pricing at

Avon Catalog Pricing

Catalogs are critical to your business. When you run out of Avon catalogs, your store is closed.

Even if you are not placing an order this campaign, I always suggest you at least order brochures. This will ensure that your store will remain open two campaigns down the road.

You will typically order your catalogs 2 campaigns ahead. For example, if you are submitting your Campaign 06 order, you will order Campaign 08 catalogs. You will also have the ability to purchase Campaign 07 catalogs at this time if you need to.

Instructions to Order Avon Catalogs:

Log into This is the website where you will manage your Avon business. If you have not registered on yet, you will need to register first.

1.  Click on My Orders on the top left corner of your screen.

2.  Choose your name in the drop-down box. (If you want to track expenses separately, you can create a customer named “Business Tools” or “Brochures” and use these names to order your Avon brochures and sales tools).

And then click on the Create Order button. Make sure you are ordering in the correct campaign.

3.  Now you are inside your order. On the left side of the screen, there is a list of categories. Choose “Order Brochures.

4.  Type in the number of packs you would like for each type of brochure. Remember, Avon catalogs come in packs of 10, so if you want 10 brochures you’d order 1; If you want 30 brochures, you’d order 3, etc.

Order all the brochures you need, and then scroll down and click on Add/Update Brochures.

If you want to order Avon Outlet and other Sales Flyers, you’ll do the same thing except choose Order Outlet/Sales Flyers from the left sidebar.

You’ll find lots of other links in the left side bar to shop the What’s New, Innerwear, Trial Sizes, etc. You’ll want to explore this section and learn your way around.

At any time, you can go back to your order by clicking on Item Entry Form on the left column.

For more information about how to place your order, check out this post.

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