How To Order Avon Samples And Sales Tools

How To Order Avon Samples And Sales Tools

How To Order Avon Samples And Sales Tools

Samples and Sales Tools are inexpensive ways to help you grow your Avon business.

Demos, samples and other sales tools all count towards your order total and award sales, and can help boost you to the next earnings level.


Samples are very useful to provide your customers the ability to try something to see if they like it.

Samples can be ordered by clicking on the “Samples” link under the Order Products tab.

How to Order Samples

Of course, as an Avon Beauty Boss, it’s totally up to you whether you purchase samples or not.

Personally, I always like to have the Anew skincare samples on hand. I want my customers to try our skin care products and fall in love with them. These are items that need to be replenished often, and so it helps increase my sales over time.

Not to mention that I LOVE Avon Anew. I have yet to find another product elsewhere that does so much for such a little price! So I can’t help but want to share these products with my customers.

Avon provides lots of different samples – from skincare, fragrance, lipstick and more. You can see the list of what’s available on the Shop Samples link above.

Also, many times Avon will also showcase the samples in the “What’s New” so you can see what you’re purchasing ahead of time. In fact, sometimes Avon will offer special deals on samples in the “What’s New.”


Demos can be found in the “What’s New” brochures that come with your orders. They give us an opportunity to purchase select items at a lower price so that we can have them to share with our customers as we’re passing out the current catalog.

To order demos, just type in the item number from the “What’s New” brochure.

Demos can also be ordered by shopping from the What’s New Book online.  To view the book online, click on “The Book” in top left corner, and then choose the brochure you want to shop from.

How to Order Demos

Important Demo Information

  • Demos are 40% off only if your sales are more than $50.
  • Reps can only purchase 1 demo per grouping unless otherwise indicated. For example, you can only buy 1 shade of lipstick, not 1 of each shade.
  • Demos count toward your order size and can increase your earnings level at your demo cost – not the sell price.
  • Demos count towards your awards sales to help you reach President’s Club.

You can back order out of the demo book just like the regular brochure. This way you can get more than 1 of the demo if you are not President’s Club. When ordering simply choose the correct campaign from the drop down menu.

Sales Tools

Sales Tools can be ordered by clicking on the “Sales & Business Tools” link under the Order Products tab.

How To Order Sales Tools

Here you will find just about everything you need for the business part of your Avon business.

It is very rare that we ever see pictures of what these tools are, so here are some of the items I use in my business:

  • The Popcorn Bags are like lunch bags. They come in different sizes, so you can choose what works best for you.
  • The Shopping Bags are nice shopping bags with handles. They come printed with “Beauty For A Purpose” or just “Avon” depending on the bags you order. They also come in different sizes.
  • Clear Literature Bags are perfect for hanging brochures on doors.
  • Call Back Notes are nice to stick into brochures, they are like a mini order form

These are just a few of the many business tools that are so helpful to all of us Avon Representatives. Avon keeps the pricing pretty reasonable, so they are a great benefit to our business.


Brochures are the most important part of your Avon business. They are your Avon store, and if you run out your store is effectively closed.

Brochures are ordered in packs of 10. If you order 1, you will receive 10 brochures. If you order 4, you will receive 40 brochures, etc.

The Order Brochures link can also be found to the left of your order cart page.

How To Order Sales Tools

Pricing depends on the quantity you are purchasing. Here is a chart showing the pricing:

2019 Avon Brochure Pricing

Brochures are typically ordered 2 campaigns ahead so that you will have them early enough to get them ready for the campaign. For example, when you submit your C-12 order, you will be ordering C-14 brochures.

The item number for brochures is 055-745. You can use this item number to backorder brochures if needed.

Just remember that they are 2 campaigns in advance. So if you need C-12 brochures, you would backorder them from C-10.

Also, if you click on the Order Brochures & Flyers link, you will be able to see the current brochures and order the quantity you want of each.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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