How To Process Avon Returns

How To Process an Avon Return

How To Process an Avon Return

As an Avon Representative, there will be times when a customer doesn’t like something, or a piece of clothing doesn’t fit, and you’ll need to return the product to Avon.

It’s actually a pretty simple process and nothing to be worried about. It’s just part of being in business.

First thing you’ll do is log into On the main page, click on where it says “Hi (Your Name)

If you are using your Phone or the Avon Go App, click on the Hamburger Menu and then Order History.  Everything else should be pretty similar to below.

Click on Your Name at the top

Click on Order History

Click on Order History

Find the Order where you ordered the product you want to return, and then click on Start a Return.

Click on Start a Return

Now you’ll need to choose the item you want to return and the reason you want to send it back. Be sure to change the quantity you need to send as well.

And then click on Continue.

Choose the Product and Reason for Return

Now you will be presented with a summary of what you are returning.  You can Save for Later or complete it by clicking on Submit Return.

Click on Submit Return


Now you will need to send your products back to Avon.

This next page shows your Return Details.

Click on Packing List to be able to print the packing list and return label to send your products back to Avon.

Return Details


Print the Packing List and Return Label And Send the Products Back to Avon

The Packing List will tell you if the products need to be returned to Avon.

Sometimes, if it is skincare or makeup and it’s used, you may not have to send them back. But be careful, that is not always the case, so never assume.

If so, package them up, and insert the packing list inside the box with the products.

Use the provided return label, and mail the package back to Avon.

Once Avon receives the products, they will process them and credit your account for the total.

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