How To Process Avon Returns

How To Process Avon Returns

How To Process Avon Returns

As an Avon Representative, there will be times when a customer doesn’t like something, or a piece of clothing doesn’t fit, and you’ll need to do a return to Avon.

It’s actually a pretty simple process and nothing to be worried about. It’s just part of being in business.

First thing you’ll do is log into On the main page, click on Orders and then Returns.

How to Process Returns on YourAvon 2.0

Click on Credits and Replacements

How To Process Avon Returns

You now have options as to how to find the item you want to return. Avon makes it easy by giving you many ways to find the item.

You can choose by Description, by Product Number, by the UPC on the product, or by Campaign Received.

How To Process Avon Returns

Now that you’ve found the item, it’s time to let Avon know what you want to do with it.

1 – Click and choose Credit or Replacement.

2 – Enter the Quantity.

3 – Choose the reason for the return. There are quite a few choices, so find the one that most applies.

4 – If you chose Replacement in #1, be sure to choose the replacement. Mostly, you will use replacement if a product is damaged and you want a new one, or if the shirt doesn’t fit and you need a new size.

Then Click Continue.

How To Process Avon Returns Select the Item(s) you want to return, and then click on Submit to Avon.

How To Process Avon Returns

As you can see in the below image, I do not have to send this back to Avon and they have credited my account. They don’t want it back because it is used.

But, be careful never to assume. Avon will let you know if they want it back or not.

How To Process Avon Returns

I suggest you create one return per month.

Then you can enter the returns that you need throughout the month and keep adding them to this one return. You can click Create Shipment Later to get out of this for now.

At the end of the month, go back in and process any other credits you have.  Processing one return per month will save you on shipping.

Keep in mind that once you’ve submitted the returns & credits, you have to have them shipped back to Avon within 45 days. This is very important, so don’t hold them longer than the current month.

When you are ready to ship your returns, click on “Create Shipment Now” at the bottom of the page, or “Ship Returns” at the top of the page.

Avon will walk you through the process. You will print off a packing slip that will go inside the box, and a shipping label for the outside.

You may be given an option of how you want to ship – for instance, USPS or UPS.

Follow the instructions, place the packing list inside the box and glue/tape the label on the outside of the package, seal the package, and then just drop it off to the appropriate place for shipping.

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