How to Setup Your Avon eRepresentative Website

How to Setup Your Avon Online Store

How to Setup Your Avon Online Store

Building your Avon business online has a lot of benefits.  So it’s important to get your Avon Online Store set up in a way that works best for you.

I love having Avon Online Store Customers because it takes less time to take care of these customers than traditional face-to-face customers.

When a customer orders on your website for Direct Delivery, your website kicks into action and does most of the work for you. Your customer pays for their order at the time of their purchase; Avon ships the products to them, and pays you your commission.

Of course, you will want to stay in touch with your Avon Online Store customers just like you would with your face-to-face customers to build that relationship with them, but for the most part they will require very little of your time.

Also, with your Online Store, you can service customers all over the United States.

… And online orders from your Avon Online Store website combine with your personal delivery orders to determine your total sales, so it’s a win all the way around.

So it’s important to get your Avon Online Store website setup and ready to go so you can take advantage of this great way to service your customers 24/7.

Steps to Customize Your Avon Online Store:

1.  First off, log into

2.  Click on My Store.

Here you can edit your store and share your Online Store in different ways.

How to Edit Your Avon Online Store

3. Setup Your Online Store

Click on Edit Store (under the My Store tab) to make changes or to customize your setup.

Now you’ll be able to change the banner image, upload a picture, and customize the sections of your Avon Online Store.

Play around with these options until you’re happy with your website. The more personalized you make it, the more enticing it will be when a new customer is looking to choose a Representative.

Setup Your Avon Online Store

4.  If You Want to Change Your Store URL

If you want to change your Online Store Web Address, you do that from your Profile.

Click on your Name, and then My Profile.

Change Your Store URL

Scroll down to where it shows your Online Store Link, and click on Edit.

The part you will be able to change is called your Referral Code.

You can change just the last part to customize it how you like.  It cannot have any spaces.

For example, my Referral Code is lynnhuber.  Yours will have something assigned.  It may be your name, or your name with some numbers, or whatever.  You can change this to something that works for you.

Important Note:  I strongly suggest you make this change early on in your Avon career, and then never change it again.  If you change your web address, people who you’ve given your old one to will not be able to find your website.

Scroll down to where it shows your Online Store Link, and click

Update Your Preferences so New Customers and Recruits Can Find You

You will update this from the same profile screen.

Scroll down to Preferences (just below your Online Store Link).

And where it says Let Customers & Recruits find me Online – Make sure you are Enrolled.

If you are not enrolled, people will not be able to find you.

Let Customers & Recruits Find Me

How to Share Your Avon Online Store

Go back to the main screen.  Tip:  Click on the Avon logo to get back to the main screen.

Click on My Store, and then on the Share Button

From here, you will be able to Share to Social Media or Copy your URL.

How to Share Your Avon Online Store

Tips for Sharing products from your website

If you ever want to share a product to social media, or to a customer or potential customer, be sure to share it from YOUR Avon Online Store – the one that is This way it is tied to you.

Once you are on YOUR Avon Online Store and you find the product you want to share, or even the brochure itself, you can copy the URL from the address bar and share that if you want. Very important, the URL will be long. It will have either your username or your account# in the text of the URL. This is very important. If it doesn’t have one or the other, you will not get credit. As long as you’re in YOUR Avon Online Store, you should be good.

See in the image below, I am looking at the page with all the Anew Platinum products. See in the URL where it has my eRep Username lynnhuber? You would need to copy that entire URL.

You can share any page from your Avon Online Store site by copying the URL at the top, as long as you make sure your Referral Code or Acct# is in the URL.

Tips for Sharing products from your website

Another way you can share is by using the Social Media Sharing Buttons on your website for a specific product to share to Social Media.

Click on the Share Button and then on the option you want to share it to.

As long as you use the share button from our Avon Online Store, it will be linked to you.  If you want to be sure, check the URL at the top of the page and make sure it has your Referral Code.

How to Share a Single Product

Your Avon Online Store Website – Representative vs. Direct Delivery

Depending on how you have your Avon Online Store website setup, your customers can choose Representative Delivery or Direct Delivery.

It’s important you understand what these terms mean and how they will affect you.

You can set up your website in whatever way it works best for you. Every Avon Representative is different and each of us works our business differently.

Link To Have Someone Join Avon on your Team

If someone is interested in Joining Avon, they can go to your Avon Online Store and click on Become a Rep.

Or, you can send them directly to the Sign Up Link –

Link To Have Someone Join Avon on your Team


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