How To Share Your Avon Brochure On Social Media

How To Share Your Avon Brochure On Social Media

We all know that customers can go to our Avon store and shop with us. But did you know that we could actually share a digital version of our Avon Brochure with them as well?

Our customers can shop from us by viewing the Avon Brochure, actually turning the pages of the brochure, and click on the products to add them to their cart.

In this video, I show you how to share Avon on social media, and also how to share your specific Avon brochure that’s linked to you and your store.

I also give you some other tips on how to share Avon on social media.


In this video I talk about a link shortening tool called You can find that here.  Be sure to create your own account so that you can customize and save your links.

For more help on how to share the Digital Brochure from your phone, click here for a post on that.

Social media has sky rocketed in the past ten years and has given us the ability to connect with people all over the world.

Using social media as a tool for your Avon business helps you reach a larger number of people.

By sending your own Online Brochure link out to your customers, they can build an order directly from that link and place their order. Depending on how you have your website set up, that order will come to you for you to place with your order, or Avon will ship it directly to your customer.

That’s smart business!

Update: New Tool from Avon to Share Your Digital Brochure

Here’s another video by Avon Coaches Debbie Stolpa and Lori Ballantine, showing you a new way to share your Avon Digital Brochure!  Great information!


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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber