How To Share Your Avon Digital Brochure

How To Share Your Avon Digital Brochure

How To Share Your Avon Digital Brochure

The Avon Digital Brochure is one of the most powerful tools for every Avon Representative.

And now you have the ability to share the Avon Online Brochure Digitally.

When you are brand new with Avon, using the Digital Brochure can get you into business immediately.

And you can take advantage of the Digital Brochure to use it to increase your earnings and save money on expenses.

A new Avon Brochure comes out every two weeks.

Shopping at Avon has never been easier!

The Avon Digital Brochure

This is the newest and most exciting tool Avon has provided us.

The Avon Digital Brochure is a free tool for you to use to grow your business!

It’s easily shoppable, shareable, downloadable, and mobile-friendly!

Your Avon Digital Catalog is a fun, interactive shopping experience for customers – right from home or on the go – and a great new selling tool for you.

New Avon Digital Brochure Simple Click-and-Shop Format

With Avon’s new shoppable brochure, you can easily add products to your shopping cart with just one click – look for the pink shopping bag icon on each page.

Easy to Use Online Avon Digital Brochure

Clickable arrows help guide you from page to page.

Looking for a specific product? Use the table of contents to jump to a specific section or enter a term in our search tool – just look for the search icon in the upper-righthand corner within the Avon Digital Brochure.

Virtual Try-On Tool

Look for camera icons to use the Try-On Tool for makeup.

Simply upload a picture of yourself or go live and experiment with different products and shades.

It’s the latest, most effective way to try before you buy.

Video Tutorials

Look for video icons throughout the Digital Brochure to learn more about our products and view easy-to-follow how-to tutorials.

How To Share the Avon Digital Brochure

Icons at the bottom of the Digital Brochure allow you to easily share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

You can even download the Avon Digital Brochure by using the downwards arrow at the top of the brochure.

Share the actual link

The actual link looks like this – (Change YOURID with your own ID).

You can save this link in a text file or notes app and copy and paste it anywhere you want to share.

Make sure your link looks just like this one without any spaces or extra characters.

Better yet, test it before giving it out the first time.

They can click on it from your Avon Online Store

When your customer is in your online store, they can just click on Digital Catalog and it will be right there.

Finding the Digital Brochure on Your Online Store


Share From the Digital Brochure

Log into your back office at

1 – Click on Digital Brochure

2 – Then just click on the icons to share to social media

3 – You’ll also see your sharable link here

Share From the Digital Brochure

If you’re using the Avon Go App from your phone, it is exactly the same.

Just click on the menu button to get to the above links.

Click on the Hamburger Menu on the phone

Additional Brochures/Flyers

There are also other brochures/flyers you and your customers can view online

  • What’s New Flyers – Representatives Only
  • Good Buys Brochures – Customers/Representatives
  • Other Flyers – Customers/Representatives

Choose the brochure you want to look at.  Then you can just flip through the pages, or click on the arrow above the brochure to download it.

You can also copy the link and send the link to your customers.

To do so, look at the link in the URL at the top of your screen.  You can copy this link.

Then you can paste the link into an email, Facebook message, or however you prefer to share it.

Copy Link for Your Digital Brochure

How to Market Your Online Brochure

Here are some ideas of how you can share your online brochure to promote your new online business.

Text or PM Link to your Friends and Family

Find the links above for both your interactive Digital Catalog and your Online Brochure.

Keep them in a text or notes file on your phone or computer, and you can paste the link into a text, Facebook Message, Instagram Message, or wherever you can send a link.

Important:  In my experience, you’re better off not sending a link to someone unless they agree to it.

So, I would text friends and family with an exciting text something to the effect of:

“Hi Mary,  I’m so excited!  I just started my Avon business. (Maybe tell them a little about why you joined Avon).  Would it be okay if I send you a link to our new Digital Brochure?  It’s so cool and interactive, and you can view it right on your phone!”

Then when they say yes, then send them the link.  That way you don’t come across as spammy and you’ll get better results.

Create a Contact for yourself on your phone and share that

Create a contact for yourself on your phone.  Include all your contact information, along with a link to your website, and maybe even a link to your Digital Brochure.

When you meet new people, you can have a conversation something like:

“Hi Mary,  Have you ever seen Avon’s newest creation, the digital brochure?  It’s so cool and interactive.  You can view it right from your phone.  What’s your phone number, let me text it to you.”

Then you enter them into your contacts, and you share your contact with them.

This way you also have their contact information for follow-up.  It’s a win/win!

And Last, But Not Least, Don’t Forget To Follow Up!

If at all possible, you want to make sure to follow up with every person you gave a link to.

Keep track of who you gave it to, and then follow up 2-3 days later.

You don’t have to be pushy, just check in.  You can say something like:

“Hi Mary,  Just checking back to see if you’ve been able to look at the Digital Avon Brochure yet?  Is there anything I can help you with?”

Follow-up is just good business and shows that you’re a professional.  If you do it correctly, your customers will respect you and appreciate your service.

For more information, check out this post about Why I’m More Afraid to NOT Make Follow-up Calls.

Growing Your Business

As you give out brochures to new people, either physically or digitally, you’ll want to keep track of who you meet.

It’s not hard to grow your business.  There are really only 4 steps:

  1. Prospecting for new customers/recruits
  2. Get a brochure in their hands every campaign (either physically or digitally).
  3. Follow up to see if they want to place an order, or need help placing an order online.
  4. Delivering their order, or Avon ships directly to them if they order online
  5. And then… wash, rinse, repeat

It’s really that simple.  The key to success is doing those steps over and over again every campaign.

The easiest way to do that is to plug them into a system that takes care of most of this for you.

We have some great training at Automate Your Follow-ups To Give Yourself More Time To Build Your Business that will help you automate many of those tasks to help you provide excellent customer service and continue to grow your business.

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How To Share Your Avon Digital Brochure

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