How To Share Your Screen In Your Facebook Lives

How To Share Your Screen In Your Facebook Lives

How To Share Your Screen In Your Facebook Lives

You’ve been able to do Facebook Lives from your computer for a while now.

You can stream to your Facebook profile, pages, groups, or event pages.

But what if you want to share your screen?

The easiest way to do this is with a service such as beLive.  It’s an online program that connects to your Facebook and allows you to share your screen among other things.

If you are not so comfortable with the computer, this is probably the easiest to learn.  You can find more about beLive here.  This program is not free, but a subscription is very reasonable.

The only drawback to this is if you’re in a Private Group, you will be able to see and respond to comments, but you won’t be able to see the name of the person commenting.

This is a limitation of Facebook.  It doesn’t allow apps to pick up that information for privacy reasons.

Today, I want to talk About Open Broadcaster Software.

This is a completely free software that will allow you to share your screen for your Facebook Groups, your Facebook Pages, etc.

And because you’re actually using Facebook and this software at the same time, you will be able to see who is commenting and respond appropriately.

I use beLive a lot for my trainings on our team Facebook Page.  But I use OBS Studio in my Customer Group for incentives, drawings, Bingo Games, etc.


You can get this program at

It is a program that you will need to download and install on your computer.

Once you open the program, you will have the option to just go ahead and run the auto-configuration wizard or you can manually set this up.

And go ahead and choose the auto-configuration and accept the defaults.

You can always go into the settings and change them later if you need to.

Go ahead and get it setup and ready to go.

Basic Steps To Setup Your Live

Here are the basic steps.  You can find more details in the video above.

1 – Decide what “scenes” you’ll be presenting.

Example: do you want to welcome listeners with a screen of you then transition into your screen share or just begin with the screen share with your face in the corner?

2 – Create each individual scene you need

Label appropriately and add sources.

Each scene needs all the sources you will need for that scene.  Don’t forget audio so your guests can hear you.

3 – Once you’ve created all of your scenes, head over to Facebook and setup your Live. 

Name your Live and then fill out your Live information (title, description, etc.).

4 – Connect your Stream Key.

This can be found by selecting “Live Video” in your feed then clicking on “Use Stream key” instead of camera at the top.

Go back into OBS Studio.  Click on Settings / Stream and paste your Stream Key in the space provided.

5 –  Click on “Start Streaming” in OBS to connect.

You are now streaming and ready to go.

6 – Click on “Go Live” to begin!

Once everything is successfully connected and filled out you are ready to go.

Just go back to Facebook and click on “Go Live.”

And now you are Live!  Just enjoy yourself and make it happen!

Remember to transition from scene to scene, you will need to do this through the OBS software.

You will manage whatever it is you’re sharing (PowerPoint, web page, etc.) from their own window.

So, you will be going back and forth from the OBS software and whatever it is you are presenting.

If this feels overwhelming, remember, you can watch the video above as many times as you need.

Be sure to practice before hand or just start with one scene until you are comfortable with it.

Setup a Secret Facebook Group for Practice

One way to practice so nobody can see it is to create a private Facebook Group.

I created a Secret Facebook Group which I just called Lynn’s Test Group, and I practice Live in there until I’m comfortable.

Nobody can see it.  As long as you set up the privacy settings in the group to hidden, nobody will even be able to find it.

This will give you a chance to practice, get used to going live, and how to use the program.

I hope this was helpful for you.

I can’t wait to see you all doing Facebook Lives and building your business!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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