How To Stay Consistent In Your Avon Business

How To Stay Consistent In Your Avon Business

How To Stay Consistent In Your Avon Business

The ONE most important thing that will determine your success in your Avon business is YOU being consistent in working your business.

Seriously… and I can’t stress that enough… Learning to be consistent in your Avon business is the ONE most critical thing you can do to grow your business.

Being consistent translates into making more money and creating the life you really want!

You could be doing everything else right, and still not see the success you deserve because you’re not being consistent in your business.

And yet… on the other side… if you stay consistent in your daily actions and your motivation – EVERY DAY – you can really crush it and be at the top level of Avon’s pay plan!

It is imperative that you understand that consistency in your Avon business is EVERYTHING!

So Let’s Look at 5 Steps to Help You Be Consistent:

1.  Keep YOUR WHY in front of you.

It’s very important that you have a clear, compelling vision of what you’re trying to achieve and know why you want to achieve it.

VISUALIZE what it is you want – the house you want, the car you want, the life you want for you and your family… This will help fuel your fire.

Build a Dream Board. This will help fuel your fire. Place it somewhere that you will see it every day! Deliberately spend a few minutes every day looking at it and dreaming what you life will be like as you reach each of those dreams.

2.  Make a Plan.

Decide what it means to be consistent in your business. What are those income-producing activities that you need to work on daily/weekly/monthly. Lay them out and stick with those tasks.

It’s true that we all have a limited capacity when it comes to willpower and discipline. Setting specific goals will give you something to strive for. We just can’t achieve everything at once, otherwise we will overwhelm ourselves.

Good items to add to your plan are prospecting, follow-up, and supporting your team. Prospecting can take the form of talking to 5 people every day, or doing events every weekend where you will meet people, etc. And I have laid out a very specific follow-up plan here.

3.  Schedule Your Work.

It’s critical that you schedule time to work on the tasks you’ve planned out.

Stephen Covey, the highly regarded author of the best-selling “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” once said, “Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.

That distinction may be subtle, but it is also very important. If you want to build a huge Avon business, it’s critical to set aside a few hours or more each day to do so.

I know that for many of us, finding the time can be difficult. These days, there are so many things going on around us. But if you want it bad enough, you can find the time.

When I first started my Avon business, I was working 70 hours a week and commuting 1-1/2 hours each way to and from work. I found the time during my lunch break (that I specifically started taking so I could work my business. Before that I didn’t take lunch breaks), and during my commute time. And then I scheduled a large chunk of time on Sunday to make up for the time I couldn’t fit in during the week.

If I did it, I know you can too if you want this bad enough. If you have kids who are involved in sports or other activities, there’s always 15 minutes here or there when you’re at their games or waiting for them to come out. You can fit phone calls or texts during that time.

If you are unable to find the time to be consistent in your Avon business, maybe it’s because you haven’t decided that it is really important to you.

4.  Improve your Willpower and Ignore Your Feelings.

We all have those days when the little voice in our head says, “I don’t feel like it today.” Anytime you are working to accomplish something that is important to you, you will sometimes hear that little voice.

It’s imperative that you train yourself to overpower that voice in your head. If you are going to be consistent, you need to ignore that voice, and just move forward.

Every time you overcome that little voice in your head, you will be improving your willpower. It takes practice – over and over again.

Sometimes that voice will say things like, “I can’t do this,” or “I can’t seem to stick with this,” or “I’m too lazy.” Just keep working, and ignore those voices. It will get easier over time.

Plan the time when you will be working. Carve it into your calendar and decide that is not negotiable. You will work your business, and do the scheduled tasks, no matter what!

5.  Be Realistic.

Know that it’s okay if things seem to be moving slowly. It’s impossible to be perfect at everything all at once. It takes time – for you to become better, and for your business to grow.

One of the biggest mistakes we make in our Avon business is not giving it enough time – both short term and long term time.

A close and very smart friend of mine, Tina Beer, once told me, “Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in one year, and underestimate what they can accomplish in five years. If you hang in there for five years, you won’t recognize the business you’ve been able to create!

When you first start out working to be consistent, you might fail at not being consistent 100% of the time, but that’s okay.

Love yourself. Don’t beat yourself up because you slacked off one day. You can catch up… you just need to run and catch up to it!

Brian Carruthers gives a powerful demonstration showing what happens if you keep stopping and starting the microwave when popping popcorn. The result isn’t so great. Check out his video here:

Take action, be consistent, and I’ll see you at the TOP!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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