How To Turn Your Avon Business Into Something Special

How To Turn Your Avon Business Into Something Special

How To Turn Your Avon Business Into Something Special

Maybe you’re looking to grow your Avon business.  Maybe, right now, it’s not where you want it to be.  Or maybe you want something more…

In order to really turn your Avon business into something special, it’s critical to start with some ideas and imagination.

You need to get clear on why you started your Avon business, and what you want your business to do for you.

So clear that your why and your dreams are so powerful in your mind and in your consciousness that they seem real even before they come true.

You need to imagine the outcome so strong that you can actually see it now.

Here are three steps to help you:

1.  Imagine all of the possibilities.

One of the reasons we have Facebook Groups, and Facebook Lives, and why you read books, listen to audios, and attend RepFest is so that you can see what others are achieving in their business.

Seeing what others are doing gives us an idea of the possibilities.  It helps us imagine what’s possible.

Many times, we’ll see someone achieve something that we didn’t even know was possible.

A perfect example of that is our team member, Irene.  Irene earned an all-expense-paid trip to Los Cabos in her FIRST 5 Campaigns.  Many other Representatives didn’t even know that was  possible and so they didn’t even try to earn it.  Now that you know Irene did it, you know it’s possible for next time!

2.  You must believe that what you imagine is possible for you.

Sometimes when you first get started in your Avon business, you don’t have that belief.  You might be wondering if this really works.

As leaders, many times it’s important that we “lend” our belief to our new team members.

Another example is our team members, Rick & Tina.  When they first started, I told them they were going to earn a free all-expense-paid cruise to Bermuda.  I pretty much guaranteed them that if they worked with me, they would earn it.

There were times that Rick & Tina struggled throughout the process.  But I continued to believe in them and let them lean on my belief.  As time went on and they achieved more and more, they started believing in themselves, and they earned the cruise.

Other’s testimonials, such as “If I can do it, you can do it,” “If I can turn it all around, you can turn it all around,” or “If I got through this and you can get through this,” often become a support to our belief.

And so, we start believing.  First, we imagine it is possible, and then second, we start to believe that it’s possible for us too.

You might also believe that because of your own testimonial.  Even before any of us joined Avon, we had life experience and business experience.  You might have accomplished something similar in the past, and so your testimonial might be, “If I accomplished that, I can certainly do it again,” or “If it happened for me before, it could very well happen again.”

So, Imagination and belief are very powerful together.  We are almost there, but not quite yet.  There’s just one more thing we need…

3.  Go to work to make it happen.

It’s up to you to make it real.  Anything that happens in our life is a direct result of the effort we put into it.

So now it’s up to you.  You make it tangible.  You make it viable.

You breathe life into your dreams, and you build them.

This is such a unique and powerful ability each of us have.  Put this to work and start the miracle process today!

Don’t take No for an answer!  Make it happen!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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