How To Tweak Your Environment & Mindset To Finally Reach Your Go

How To Tweak Your Environment & Mindset To Finally Reach Your Goals

How To Tweak Your Environment & Mindset To Finally Reach Your Goals

If you’re tired of having your Avon business not grow the way you want and are ready to do something about it, it’s time to adjust your environment and your mindset so you can see the success you want.

This is not about making your goals easier.  Instead, it’s about making small changes in our everyday lives that will make it easier for us to reach our goals.

Here are some ideas about how to tweak your environment and your mindset:

1 – Make the good stuff easier to reach.

For example, if you want to lose a certain amount of weight or start a body building regimen, set yourself up for success by keeping bottled water and fresh produce readily available.

Trade your electronics time for a yoga mat or some running shoes.  If driving to the gym is your excuse, find a gym that’s closer to your house.

Same for your business.  Set aside a place in your home that is your work space.  Have everything you need available in that workspace to make it easy to get to work.

This can be different for everyone.  Maybe it’s a desktop or laptop computer and a file cabinet to hold the supplies you need.

Or maybe you’re doing your entire business from your phone wherever you are.  In this case, just have a place (or even a box) to hold whatever supplies you need.

2 – Make the bad stuff harder to get to.

Avoid purchasing junk food or other foods and drinks that sabotage your healthy eating plans.  Drive another route home from work to avoid stopping for cigarettes or alcohol.

To move things out of the way for your business, unplug or lock up any extra electronics that pose a temptation while you should be working your business.

Whatever your temptation or bad habit may be, as they spend more time out of your sight, eventually they’ll stay out of your mind.

3 – Break bad habits by putting up obstacles.

Can you think of any bad habits that actually help you reach your goals or find success?

Me neither!  So that makes it more important to work on losing those bad habits.

Use web browser blockers during working hours so you have no choice but to focus on working instead of playing games or aimlessly scrolling social media.

Put your alarm in the bathroom instead of by your bed so you can’t hit snooze over and over.

4 – Changing your identity can make it easier to change your habits.

What type of person do you want to be?  Think of a successful Avon Representative, whom you would like to have a business like.

What kind of lifestyle does that person have?  How do they run their business?  What kinds of things do they do to build their business?

Answering questions about the person you WANT to become will lead to copying the habits that similar people use in their lives.

Healthy people eat healthy, whole foods whereas unhealthy people eat packaged foods and drinks.

Top Avon Representatives spend more time growing their business than they spend complaining or playing video games.  They take responsibility for their success.

Also refer to yourself as being successful instead of trying to be success.

Tell people, “I am a non-smoker” rather than “I’m trying to quit.”

When people ask you what you do, say, “I have a thriving Avon business!”

5 – Associating with like-minded people will influence who you become.

Once you identify who you want to be, join groups with similar people who can be good influences.

If you’re surrounded by people who want to procrastinate and gossip instead of working their Avon business, then chances are high that will rub off onto you, and it will hurt your success.

Whereas joining a mastermind group with other highly-driven Avon Representatives is where you’ll find inspiration to reach your goals and probably some new strategies, too.

In fact, this is exactly why I feel it is so important to work for and actually EARN Avon’s incentive trips.  The very best part of those incentive trips for me is that I get to meet, get to know, and actually become friends with the top Avon Representatives in the company.  Hanging around with the top Representatives can’t help but stretch the way I think.

You can’t just flip a switch to change your mindset overnight. Chances are these beliefs about yourself were constructed back when you were a kid, so changing them will take some time and practice.

Just remember that change IS possible, nothing is written in stone, and YOU are the only one capable of making changes to better your life.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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