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How To Use The Avon Order Book To Handwrite Orders

How To Use The Avon Order Book To Handwrite OrdersAvon offers professional invoices you can create and print from your Avon Web Office.

But if you are the type of person who prefers to work by hand rather than on the computer, the Avon Order Book is perfect for you.

They are available from Avon at no charge. And you won’t have to use your printer ink to print invoices.

To add them to your order on YourAvon.com, just start your order, click on Order Sales Tools on the left column, and then scroll down and find Supplies – Order Book

How To Use The Avon Order Book To Handwrite Orders

In the back of the book, you’ll find carbon papers. Unless you’re like 50 years old, you’ve probably never seen these before. 🙂

Take two of the carbon papers and place one behind the first black order form, and one behind the first red order form. The dark black, inky side goes down. By doing this, it will make 3 copies total – 1 black and 2 red.

How To Use The Avon Order Book To Handwrite Orders


Because you are using carbon papers, you will need to press hard when writing your orders, so the writing goes to all three copies.

Ok, so now you’re ready to go. Fill out the top line with your Customer’s Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc. and then be sure to put in the Date/Campaign #.

How To Use The Avon Order Book To Handwrite Orders

Fill in the Page number, Quantity, Product #, Description, Shade/Fragrance, Size/Oz., Price Each, and Total Price for each item.

If you need to return or credit the customer for something, write it towards the bottom of the form and put the credit amount in the far right darkened column.

Add all the numbers in the Total Price Column, and subtract any in the far right column if necessary. Place that number in the Subtotal.

The Total should be the same as the Subtotal, unless there’s something you want to add separately.

Figure out your local tax. Mine is 6.85%. So I would take the $49.00 and time it by 6.85% on the calculator. Or, if your calculator doesn’t have a percent sign, you can add a 0 in front and move the decimal over two spaces. So you would times the $49.00 x .0685 = $3.36 (I rounded it up to the next cent).

To figure out the state sales tax for your area click here.  Note, use your zip code – all orders from Avon will be based on YOUR Sales Tax.


Place the total, $52.36 in the Amount Due Column.

Then be sure to write your name, phone number, and email in the space provided at the bottom of the form.

How To Use The Avon Order Book To Handwrite OrdersWrite up the order and then say, “Your total is $52.36. How would you like to pay that?

If they say something like, “My last Representative used to let me pay when she delivered.

Then you say, “Oh, yeah. I remember when they used to do that!” Just smile and let her tell you how she is going to pay.

It is very likely that you will need to pay for the order when you place it with Avon, so don’t miss this step. Collect the money up front for every order and your Avon business will run a lot more smoothly.

Remember, every other company requires payment up front. You’re not asking for anything any different. It’s all in your demeanor. If you just assume they’re going to pay, they will.

Now, collect the payment, and write PAID on the order.


Take out the 2 carbon papers and put them under the next two sheets, ready for the next order.

Give the bottom copy to your customer as their receipt.

When you are sorting your orders you will attach the 2nd copy to your customer’s bag as their delivery receipt, and you will keep the original for your records.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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