How To Write Quality Content For Your Website

How To Write Quality Content For Your Personal Website/Blog

How To Write Quality Content For Your Website/Blog

More and more people are considering starting their own blog, and for good reason.

Quality blog posts can help you gain more online exposure, help you improve engagement, and even help you rank higher in the search engines.

But creating quality blog posts that are original and thought provoking is not as easy as it seems.

With that in mind, let’s look at some ideas to help you ensure that your content meets a higher standard.

Writing authentic, easy-to-read posts that provide value for your target audience can be a powerful way to grow your Avon business.

The Importance of Quality Content as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy.

Online marketing involves all kinds of creating and sharing of online material such as blogs, videos and social media posts.

Ideally, you want to prove value for your target audience.  Content that answers questions that your readers commonly have is the most valuable.

This form of marketing is a customer-centric approach.  When you provide information that your users want to know, you brand yourself as an “expert” or “trusted authority” in your field.  People will begin to follow you and with that comes customer loyalty.

Quality blog content can be the way to take your online presence to the next level.

It can be tricky to create something that will really capture your audience’s attention.  The internet is filled with blogs and social media posts competing for their attention.

Here are 5 tips to Help You Write Quality Content for Your Website.

1 – Be Original

Content that is too much like other pre-existing content generally does not rank well in search engines.

If your ideas are not new, people will be less likely to share and link to them.

This doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel every time you write a blog post.  I mean, there’s only so many ways to describe a particular Avon product, or the Avon opportunity.

But do work to find a little different way to say it or find a way to put a new spin on an old topic.  Talk about your own experiences and work to make your posts more personal.

2 – Provide Real World Solutions

Many times, people find content because they are searching for a solution to a problem.

When you are getting ready to create your blog post, think about what you would be searching for if you needed an answer to what that product/opportunity could solve.

Often, they are questions you are looking for answers to.

For instance, you might go to Google and search for “how much money can I make selling Avon?”

When you hit Enter, you are expecting a listing of posts that will answer that question.

If one of your own pages has the highest ranked content related to this search, the searcher may click on it and be directed to your site where they can learn about selling Avon and maybe even join your business.

People are often online because they want answers, and they want them fast.

Keep that in mind when writing your posts and be sure to back up your solutions with stories and supporting information.  That will go a long way towards helping you create top-notch content.

3 – Meet Audience Expectations

In order to really create quality content that resonates with your target audience, you need to first know who they are.

You may have a pretty good idea about who might be interested in your products or services already.  All that’s left is to consider what kinds of content they would be interested in and provide it for them.

Even if you have a general idea about your target audience, it can help to do some research.  Consider the following questions:

    • Who am I writing this content for?
    • Who can relate to my content?
    • Where is my audience located?
    • What age group will be interested in my product?
    • What social media platforms do they use?

Writing the kind of content your target audience wants to read is not always easy.

Sometimes you might find many different types of people could be your target audience.  I suggest you pick one particular type of person for each post you write and write to that person.

For instance, if you’re targeting young women, write in a way that they will relate to.  If you’re targeting baby boomers, your language would be quite different.

It’s totally okay to target different people in your blog but keep each specific post to one particular audience.  Write to that audience, in their language, answering the types of questions they would have, and you’ll find that your post will actually speak to more people.

4 – Make it Easy to Read

People expect web content to be easy to read.  Our attention span is much smaller when we are online.

If fact, studies have shown that people rarely read anything online word for word, which is why making your content scannable is so important.

Use plain language that  is easy to read.  Speak in a conversational, friendly manner and make sure it’s easy for your reader to grasp your key points.

Provide lots of “white space” by keeping your paragraphs short.

Also use plenty of headings and subheadings to provide it with a clear structure.  This will also help make your content more scannable and easier to read.

5 – Link to Other Sources of Information

Don’t forget to link to the particular item on your Avon Online store to make it easy for your reader to jump to your website, learn more about the product, and maybe even make a purchase.

The same is true for your recruiting efforts.  If you are talking about signing up to sell Avon, be sure to link to your signup page.

Make it easy for your potential customers and team members to just click a link and be automatically sent directly to the appropriate page, so they don’t have to go looking for anything.

It’s not always easy to create quality content, but it’s well worth the effort.

Quality content that is original and provides real world solutions will make your website stand out and be more easily found in the search engines.  It will also help you cultivate customer loyalty and build brand authority for you and your Avon business.

Note:  A personal website is absolutely not required for you to be successful as an Avon Representative, but it can be very helpful when you are ready.  A blog should not replace your personal efforts to grow your business.  Instead, it should be in addition to your personal efforts – those have to come first.  When you are ready to get started looking into creating your own blog, we have all kinds of information here to help you get started.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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